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If I Want to become a Scientist what should I do ?

I am currently in class 10. I want to become a scientist in Physics Sector. What should I do after 10th. Some people say that do IIT and AIEEE some say do plain B.Sc and then M.Sc and ultimately P.Hd. But I am a lot confused between these options. Most of my interests are in Astronomy, General Physics and Computers. I am currently in India. Please Help.. Suggest the options available in India! Please make your answer as clear it could be. Thank You !!


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Thanks ..... Everybody for your kind and helpful replies .....

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  • Sep 8 2011: Or you could simply be a professor(which would not distance you from research) and contribute to uplifting the educational standards of South Asia specifically. Or you could craft your own unique way to help the world. Who knows, I would be watching your TED Talk in the 'best of the web' section 20,or maybe 10,or maybe 60, years from now.
    Regarding which universities to go to in India, I don't know much(except for the fact that the entrance exam IIT-JEE is quite tough). I would refer you to a friend of mine on facebook. Please ask him your queries about IIT and AIEE. Find him at http://www.facebook.com/sahal.kaushik
    Try applying to LUMS Scholl of Science and Engineering in Lahore, Pakistan. It's a great school, and no one would eat you, I promise.
    Lastly, I saw the website created by/for you. Just one last piece of advice,don't develop a love for accolades.
    I am eagerly waiting for your thoughts on my comments.
    Best Wishes for you. Remember me in your prayers.

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