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If I Want to become a Scientist what should I do ?

I am currently in class 10. I want to become a scientist in Physics Sector. What should I do after 10th. Some people say that do IIT and AIEEE some say do plain B.Sc and then M.Sc and ultimately P.Hd. But I am a lot confused between these options. Most of my interests are in Astronomy, General Physics and Computers. I am currently in India. Please Help.. Suggest the options available in India! Please make your answer as clear it could be. Thank You !!


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Thanks ..... Everybody for your kind and helpful replies .....

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  • Sep 8 2011: If, hopefully, you get into a US college, I guess you'll work out what to study as you'll have considerable flexibility in studying.
    If, unfortunately, you don't get into US or Hong Kong or Australia(on scholarships, don't be a burden on your family if they can't afford you) then apply in India.
    Now we have entered the realm of '3 Idiots(for the people outside sub-continent, it's an epic movie highlighting the problems of South Asian,or global, education).
    I hope that be the end of your 12th year, you would have decided whether you want to do science or engineering. Whatever you want to do, go for it. In India and Pakistan, one thing they say is that if you want o do science(Physics,math,chem,Bio) you could always do it after engineering. In the case of Physics, people will gove a lot of examples of people doing Electrical engineering and then switching to physics. They say that one must have a professionla degree as to secure a job. Although I am a student and amateur myself, I am against this dogma. Do physics if you want ot become a scientisti. DO engineering if you decide to do engineering. I hope that by the end of 12 year you would know which way to go. I guess it would be science, as it is more 'pure, thought-oriented' as compared to the 'commercialised engineering'(no offence). This is the reason I ask you to study more than just the school teaches you, so that you can find the subject that resonates with you.
    Assuming that you go for Physics in India, you do a four year degree(it can be a 2 year BSc + a 2 year MSc or it could be a 4 year BS or it could be a 5 year integrated MSc) Don't worry about the terminologies. You just have to study a 4 year course(which you can also do in three years if you work harder). After that you get to do research i.e. a PhD. A strong foundation in undergraduate physics will prepare you for research work. After your PhD, you could do further research as a post-doctoral researcher, or combine research with teaching.

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