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If I Want to become a Scientist what should I do ?

I am currently in class 10. I want to become a scientist in Physics Sector. What should I do after 10th. Some people say that do IIT and AIEEE some say do plain B.Sc and then M.Sc and ultimately P.Hd. But I am a lot confused between these options. Most of my interests are in Astronomy, General Physics and Computers. I am currently in India. Please Help.. Suggest the options available in India! Please make your answer as clear it could be. Thank You !!


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Thanks ..... Everybody for your kind and helpful replies .....

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  • Sep 8 2011: I can tell easily that you're well above average a student.
    And I guess your interest is in Physics. For that I would say that apply for the Indian Physics Olympiad. It would boost your thinking skills with witty problems that will literally stretch your mind. Also apply for the Asian Science Camp 2012 and 2013. If selected, you'll get a chance to learn first-hand from Nobel Laureates in the Natural Sciences.
    By the START of your 12th i.e.final year, you should have average knowledge(advanced in some topics, but overall you must have scanned the whole course) and have thought over the 12th year Physics and Mathematics. Every individual has his own pace of studying. Schools tend to fasten the slow and slow the fast. There's nothing wrong with going slow. But it's wrong to be slow if you can go fast. You should, through self study, finish the course by the end of 11th year. In the 12th year, think deeper, solve problems e.t.c and apply to universities.
    These are not hard and fast rules, these are guidlines set under the experiences of a fresh graduate of the South Asian education system(which is,btw, very versatile in itself) I hope that your convivtion to pursue Physics will strengthen during these years, but never hesitate to love another subject if its love pervades you.
    Finally, I would recommend you to apply to US for undergraduate studies. The US universities and colleges(in the US, college is used synnymously with university) Admissions are tough, but not impossible. Work hard and give it a try. The US universities will surely help you achieve your dreams. For South Asians, it's good to start working on US admissions in the 11th year of school. Do not be afraid. It's just fun if you have ample time. Contact your school counsellor(if you have one) for inquiries about US admissions or go to http://www.usief.org.in/index.aspx.
    (to be continued)

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