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"Where there's a Will there's a Way"

I always believed and still believe that "where there's a will there's a way". But now i want to find out if there are those who feel this might not be entirely true or that "Will", most of the times, isn't a crucial factor in finding the way.
Although I have my own opinion, one which I know to be in agreement with everyone-else, this question is proposed to gain insight onto others thoughts. So please feel free to state the obvious (so that i can move on to another curiosity, :) ). Thanks for your Inputs.

  • Sep 2 2011: I don't think that this is necessarily telling you that whatever you will or wish or desire will happen to you. Or that willing something will cause it to happen. Rather, I think that it means if you desire something, it's possible. There is a way to get there. Whether or not you choose to capitalize on it is your own choice. But in the spirit of "nothing is impossible", I believe this is true.

    To find the way does not require the will, although why bother finding a way if you don't have a will? In other words, why do something you do not desire to do?
  • Sep 2 2011: I think "the will" is way overrated. It's actually like you control something. Sure, we determine our own choices, but no, just willing something does not make it so. We "control" so much less than we think we do.
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      Sep 2 2011: Should this limit someone's ability to hope, because they might fear that its not in their control (without trying?). doesn't "hope" and "will" go hand in hand?
      Sure you need to act on that will, but to act on something, there has to be an internal call to want to do it.
      somewhat agree?
      • Sep 2 2011: Absolutely not. Hope is a wonderful thing. But you can't will hope into reality. You choose a path, make choices, then launch yourself out there. Just willing something into existence for all the dedication that might be there, just won't work.

        Hope moves you into action. But just because there is a "want" to do something, doesn't mean it will happen. I am moved myself when that hope makes leave where I am.

        Unfortunately, there are a million things out there that could stop me. I may not want them to, or try to will them away, but they can and sometimes do stop wants in their tracks.
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    Sep 2 2011: Water can find its way through anything and I believe it's like that with the human mind too. If you feel like doing something there shouldn't be any limits to it. Will is not even a factor. If you didn't fulfill a dream than you might not have wanted it that certainly. There isn't a thing that I wanted and I didn't do in my life and I'm grateful for that!
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    Sep 2 2011: Maybe you ask that question to those fugitives in Ethiopia that fled the hunger in Somalia. Maybe this goes for free people that can take control of their lives and movements.
    You better rephrase it: "If there's a way you sure find it if you have the will."
  • Sep 2 2011: I imagine there are always physical limitations.

    There is no will strong enough to allow you rearrange the order of the planets..... unless you can somehow manage to do some version of what scientists did to Pluto...
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      Sep 2 2011: Hi Bob, i agree that by having a will that is not strong enough will not allow you to get anywhere. But doesn't this mean that this will hold you back in hoping for many other things? I believe in the fact that "Thoughts shape a person" and with too many "impossible thoughts" the person wont achieve anything. I maybe focusing on the one example you stated, but even this example is as close hoping to find Time Travel. Wouldn't you agree?
      There are physical limitations up-to the point where you've set your boundaries, if you say getting up every morning to run 5miles is impossible then that's a boundary you've set. You're only physically limited when there is an injury involved or some health issue that is preventing you from running, but sometimes even their will gets them through the hardship.