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what might be the human needs after 300 years?

Twenty years back my need/wish was to have a pet robot to help me with my class assignments. Today it is a reality. Now there are robots replacing live pets and they are doing much more than what i had wished for. Every day some technologies are becoming obsolete and many new are being introduced. Today my need is to keep abreast of them. My need/wish is to have a means to erase the knowledge about the obsolete technologies and to add the knowledge of the new technologies in to my brain, overnight, so i can be abreast of them the next day morning. One day this might be a reality and may be possible to do much more than i have wished for. 300 years down the line, i think the human need/wish might be to send human pairs, genetically empowered to survive any hostile situation, to different planets to save our race from extinction.

Please share what your childhood needs were, what your current needs are and you think humans might need after 300 years.

  • Sep 3 2011: in 300 years we'll be trying to figure out the wheel and fire
    • Sep 3 2011: Good one!
      • Sep 3 2011: You're right. We will either be reduced to banging the rocks together again or (if our civilization survives) we will morph in to the Borg. We could become so dependent on our technology that we can't survive in the world without it. Embedded computers with AI systems, wireless communications utilizing the now vacant broadcast frequencies (that could happen in the next 20 years actually), perhaps enhanced physical characteristics. Consider the Borg or the Cybermen.
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      Sep 3 2011: in one year? that will be a great year! in our current history, fire and wheel were separated by hundreds of thousands of years.
      • Sep 4 2011: I never said that both would be discovered/perfected in the same time, I said we'd be trying to understand them

        And I was merely implying that technology will ended and need to restart by then.
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    Sep 2 2011: If we survive till then ..... then this question arises !
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    Sep 3 2011: In 300 years, we'll need extra brains to keep up with the amount of information that we absorb every second of our lives... or maybe we'll learn how to harness the remaining 70-80% of our brain's true capacity!
  • Sep 2 2011: It's too early to give even an accurate estimation, in my opinion. But my top three guesses...

    -Sources of energy
    -Medical cures
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    Sep 2 2011: my childhood needs were simple: enough toys and a weekly meeting of my father, who worked provinces away for us. in 300 years to come, material needs of all humans may change but everything psychological/emotional will be the same: love, contentment, happiness...
  • Sep 6 2011: Childhood needs are simple to be fed, sheltered, taught. and to feel as though we matter. Many children on this planet have those needs and they aren't met.
    Current needs are basically the same , to eat, to have shelter and to feel as though I matter. The basics have been taught to me and learning is a choice.
    I doubt our race will survive 300 more years. We are not respecting this planet that we must rely on for our survival. The people who realize that, are outnumbered by those who don't. We strive to cure illnesses and replace joints and organs. If we are successful, what happens to the population? How does this planet that is being used and abused sustain that population. Will man be able to create enough unnatural resources for us to survive without the planet functioning? Where will this population go? There is the suggestion of us creating other places suitable to live. Can you see our current level of sophistication, especially socially, capable of coping with that. In general I believe our population is declining in intelligence, decency, values, etc. We are killing each other in large numbers, letting people die of starvation and simple needs not being met when we have the resources, but choose not to help each other. Then there is nuclear weapons and accidents. Or uncontrollable plagues.Look at how popular a show like "Jersey Shore" is. I am ashamed of our society. The next 300 years would have to see major changes in what has become our human nature, for this race to survive. I'm glad I won't be here.
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    Sep 5 2011: My childhood wish was to be able to fly
    Currently my wish is to be able to create and live in my own reality.
    In the future, I think our needs will be adapting our bodies to new planets. We'll probably have found out to become half-bot, half-humans with near unlimited physical capacities. We'll probably be worried about safe ways to live on other planets and then start the good-ole' infestation cycle all over again
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    Sep 5 2011: 300 years from now, humans will just need a stupid computer with internet connectivity locked up in a room from each other. Food will be given via optical fibres and the food will be light packets directly pumped into the brain.
    That s it. Humans would have evolved into Robots.
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    Sep 5 2011: Naps after lunch.
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    Sep 4 2011: Chris .. my thoughts exactly. I think we will have to remember compassion and a real sense of community and that 2+2=4 and that the sky is blue. All things come back around to the basics, huh?

    Come to think of it --- I think these are things we probably need to remember NOW.
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    Sep 4 2011: Hi Vijay Babu Jayaraj (What might humans need 300 years from now?)
    I think you and most people posting here have it right at least at TED. We humans have to transition into (adapt to) sustainable living and that will be the biggest challenge.

    My own needs were met quite well as a child. My current needs are about making the right choices as a parent and exploring my element. I am close to finding my hidden talents but I’m not satisfied yet.

    I am convinced that in 300 years we will still need to nurture and grow our humanity (bonding, human connection). I’m talking about love, compassion, and empathy. Our technology is going berserk with advancements but our capacity for goodness is not keep up. How much do we generally (and genuinely) care about each other and the delicate biosphere? I’d say we don’t care enough and we should catch up on with our potential for good. I think we will still be struggling after 300 years. While I struggle to learn trombone today there are a billion people struggling this day to get by on a handful or less of food—for example.

    Thanks for asking,
    It’s good to think ahead,
    Mark Hurych
  • Sep 4 2011: According to Chilean economist Manfred Max-Neef who developed the Human development model, fundamental human needs (FHN) are not relative. They are shared by all cultures and are resilient to civilization forces, because they depend on our being... human beings...
    So if we're still human in 300 years, we'll still have the same FHN than we had 5K years ago...

    What's important to understand in this theory is that if the FHN are absolute, they are being satisfied by an indefinite number of "satisfiers", which are completely relative in time, space, culture, personality & tastes... According to this theory, your pet robot "need" was not a FHN of yours, but it was your own satisfier to one or several of the FHN you have as a human being.

    The 9 FHN are: Subsistence, Protection, Affection, Understanding, Participation, Recreation(in the sense of leisure, time to reflect, or idleness), Creation, Identity and Freedom.

    So maybe your pet robot was one satisfier for your FHN of Affection & Recreation...

    So, as for some personal satisfiers:
    childhood: knowledge to make meaning of the world
    current: passion to impulse action
    and for future satisfiers: a powerful positive narrative to keep society from falling apart in total fragmentation

    See for more details...
  • Sep 3 2011: No, your blackberry will not probably explode, it will be embedded in your head and you won't be able to turn if off
  • Sep 3 2011: “The human race may well become extinct before the end of the current century.” - Bertrand Russell

    Mr. Russell made his prediction in 1963. A decade later Desmond Morris wrote, “We are, to put it mildly, in a mess, and there is a strong chance that we shall have exterminated ourselves by the end of the century.” And more than 30 years ago R. Buckminster Fuller estimated that we had less than 20 years to come to our senses.

    They were only three of many great thinkers who were wrong about the exact date but right about the urgency. We are living on borrowed time, and the mass denial of the facts is yet one more example of the power of a dopamine dysfunction that keeps people from honestly evaluating information that threatens dopamine flow.

    300 years?
  • Sep 3 2011: I am not sure this world exists or not, after seeing lot of pollution and man made disasters to earth and space.
  • Sep 2 2011: Maybe energy, material and industrial lubricants :)

    Possible technological singularity ahead.
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    Sep 2 2011: I think the only thing that my childhood needs is……candy…….My current need, maybe a little abstract, but young as I am, I think is a goal or a dream. Ultimately, I think the humans needs after 300 years might be a sense of peace, which we call it happiness nowadays.
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