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What do you think happens to your soul when your body dies?

What do you think happens to your soul when your body dies? I'm looking to find out what people think about the soul...does it live on? cease to exist? reincarnation? heaven or hell? What makes you believe that?


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  • Sep 1 2011: You believe in a soul; I believe in the demonstrated power of such beliefs to cause incredible harm to the world's people.

    We have abandoned Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena, Baal, Bacchus, Dionysus, Hermes, Ishtar, Jupiter, Loki, Mars, Neptune, Odin, Osiris, Phoebe, Poseidon, Quetzalcoatl, Thor, Zeus. and a boatload of others. Let's just get it over-with and discard the remainder. We can then abandon fairy tales regarding the creation and continued functioning of the earth in favor of reality.

    Heaven, Hell, eternal life and the concept of "soul," and the bablings of ancient scripture, are the constucts of human minds that knew no better. We do, or we should!

    I admit that the notion that some part of me will live for ever is enticing, and even more enticing is the prospect that I could be reunited with my late beloved wife. Her death-bed conversion after a life-time of christianity was the realization that things were about to end for her, no matter how much we wanted things to be different. Going to the place (non-existence) that we occuppied prior to being born should not be scary, certainly not as scary as the man-made concept of hell.

    TED is supposed to be about enlightenment and yet these fairy tales keep popping up.
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      Sep 1 2011: I would argue that the 'demostrtated power of such beliefs' cause IMMUSURABLE GOOD, as well as harm to the world's people! There are MANY people who believe in KARMA, and 'what you put out, you get back, tenfold'!, so there are many peole who DO DOOD in this lifetime a)simply because they know it's the RIGHT thing to do, and b) because they believe that there are AFTER LIFE consequenses to those actions! To me, (upon my OWN deathbed) I believe that only my PHYSICAL body is dying, and that my SOUL will live on. What a great and comforting concept! I would hate to think that when my body dies, that there isn't a part of me (my soul) which will go on to something greater and more glorious than what I experienced on this 'physical plane'. And furthermore, while I am admittedly a 'newby' to the whole TED experience, I DO believe it is all about 'enlightenment', and hope that you hearing other people's perspective about this subject has indeed enlightened you (on the fact that other peole are of differing opinions as you) and that you will ultimately be thankful for, and respecting of those 'other' opinions.
      • Sep 1 2011: Tambra,

        While I respect you as a human being, not all opinions are created equal. There are those who chose creationism over evolution, natural versus man-made climate change, alien abduction versus bad dreams, and 2000 year old modified and manufactured scriptures, versus the anthropological evidence that these tales were made up and morphed through the ages.

        I was once close to where you are now in my belief systems, then rationality set in. It is not nearly as painful as you might suppose...Don
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          Sep 1 2011: I respect you too, Don...as a fellow human being on this journey we call "life". And I am completely open to the possiblilty that what I propose to be true is, in fact, merely my 'wishful thinking'...However, I still stand behind my belief that there is a soul, that there is a part of me that will live on long after the flesh of Tambra is dead and gone, and I still hold out hope that one day (in the 'afterlife') both you and I will have a better understanding of what these lives we have lived were 'really' all about.

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