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What do you think happens to your soul when your body dies?

What do you think happens to your soul when your body dies? I'm looking to find out what people think about the soul...does it live on? cease to exist? reincarnation? heaven or hell? What makes you believe that?


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  • Sep 1 2011: Tambura,

    Many people believe in Karma, many people believe in Voodoo, angels, winning the lottery, and flying saucers. Just because people believe, does not make them so. I do not need the threat of a hell to do the right thing.

    You have hit the argument right on the head " What a great and comforting concept! I would hate to think that when my body dies, that there isn't a part of me (my soul) which will go on to something greater and more glorious than what I experienced on this 'physical plane'." THAT is what I would PREFER to believe, and when I die, if that is the reality...BONUS! I just have accepted that it is probably not the case. I am not suggesting that I know exactly what will happen after my death, but my actions on earth are not predicated upon what may or may not happen after I die.

    Sorry darling, just wishing something is so, does not make it so, but the prospect has built many thousands of churches and temples all over the world, with treasure that could have been put to much better use. The tens, perhaps hundreds of millions that have died because their belief system did not closely align with the belief system of others, may argue that the good done in the name of these belief systems does not come close to the harm they have inflicted upon the people of the earth.

    I too am a newbie to TED, but I am not a newbie to this topic. I have had too many decades to reflect upon this very subject. If I am going to choose a fantasy after I die, it might be OZ...I am not very tall but I would be a giant there!

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