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What do you think happens to your soul when your body dies?

What do you think happens to your soul when your body dies? I'm looking to find out what people think about the soul...does it live on? cease to exist? reincarnation? heaven or hell? What makes you believe that?


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    Sep 1 2011: Tambra, I don't understand why you'd be interested in hearing my thoughts about why I do not "believe" in something that has no measurable existence in this world. I have nothing to say, since there is literally nothing to talk about. Much more interesting would be to hear how it is you find the word useful. What on earth does it stand for? A subjective feeling when you are having an out-of-body experience? A hope based on a fear of death? Stories people made up and then told you when you were young and impressionable? I suppose in these regards, the word "soul" can act as a placeholder for an abstract notion. What happens to this abstract notion when you die? What were you like before you were born?

    An apology is in order: I don't mean to imply I know the answer to your question. I was simply searching for the meaning of your question, and for me, there is no real meaning because the word does not have any objective referents. For me, there is no mind-body duality. The material world is amazing, wonderful and so much more interesting than human make-believe.
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      Sep 1 2011: I started a response to your questions, Don, and then hit some button (unbeknownst to me what exactly) which may have deleted my comment in progress, so I apologize in advance is my response shows up as a 'partial post' somewhere...As I was saying...Why am I interested in your thoughts? Well, because I don't proclaim to KNOW the answer to this question...I simply have my own ideas on IF the soul exists, and if it does, WHY, etc...Knowing that I don't have the ultimate answer to the question doesn't prevent me to being open to new ideas/thoughts on the subject. Why do I find the word 'soul' useful? It gives me comfort believing that when my physical body dies, that it won't be the END of ME! Is it a hope based on fear of death? No, I really don't believe that it is, because I am NOT afraid of physical death; simply because it is my belief that we (the soul; essence of who WE are, individually) do not die! I believe the physical body dies, but the soul which inhabits the body lives on. Is it (soul) an abstract notion? Of course it is...beacuse at this moment in our human evolution, we have not been able to PROVE that the soul exists empirically...but do I BELIEVE in it's existence never-the-less? Yes. Proof in the existence of a 'soul' does not, at least for me, negate the validity of it's existence...I have FAITH that it DOES exist, and believe that it is only a matter of time before it's actual existence is scientifically proven. How is that going to come about? I have no idea; I just know that the existence of the soul resonates TRUE for me.And yes, the material world IS amazing and wonderful, but I also believe that it's very existence serves a 'higher' purpose, and that is to serve as a learning enviroment for our SOULS! Thanks for your post, and I look forward to your response.

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