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Have you completely changed your path in life - your career, lifestyle, spirituality, etc - even though all of the odds were against you?

We often get comfortable and complacent in the routine of our every-day lives: the same mundane job, unhealthy lifestyle or toxic relationship day in and day out despite our growing unhappiness.
Are you one of the lucky ones who woke up one day and said "I've had enough!" and changed everything?

What was your catalyst or breaking point?
What was the most difficult part about changing your life?
What advice would you give to someone experiencing a similar struggle?
How does it feel to know you've defied the odds?

  • Sep 13 2011: I never have because I was too scared to.

    I grew up wanting to become a doctor,being inspired by my father. In 8th grade, I failed my science final exam because at that age, I did not exactly take my studies seriously. Belonging to a convent school which had a very strict set of rules which the principal would not dare to bend, I was forced to take commerce. I gave up my passion for a set of rules.

    Now that I about to complete my a'levels, I sometimes look back and feel I should have changed schools which I did not since I did not want to leave my friends. At the beginning of a'levels my academic councilor also advised me to take my o'leves again privately but i felt it was too late and that would mean repeating 2 years of my life.
    Now that I am about to graduate high school, I envy the science students and wish i was in their place. Even if that meant having to repeat my o'levels.
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    Sep 7 2011: You see when we where young well when I was young I really did not expect to enter the adult world and face so much barriers and preventions, making decisions which I really was not ready for.

    Yet through a lot of heart melting experiences and wake up calls and learning from other peoples mistakes and mistakes of my own. I never let that become a prevention, neither did I allow failure to be a closed door. I turned it into an opportunity, even though these opportunities where nightmares walking into having hope meant courage and strength.

    Bottom line is you will meet people, leave people never get the chance to say goodbye to people and then you question do I want to end up like certain people? I honestly sometimes had thought in my head which sort of doubted my goals in life? Yet that was not a barrier for me but a Challenge...

    My advise to people struggling is to never give up even when giving up seems to be the only option... If it is not meant to be then there is other ways to achieving what you want.. I lost friends I thought would be neighbours of mine when I reach old age, I seen family relatives who had goals in life pass away go prison or make a total mes off themselves..

    and through that darkest hour in your life when you need people the most there is an inner voice inside you that voice is you? there is a reason we can think.. Focus, reflect and reset goals.

    Thinking is a price itself a achievement and a treasure use it and smile and even though you might make it or think you have reached your peak self-fulfilment never stop climbing up that ladder and always be grateful even when you have nothing left because there is always some things we might have that others may not have.