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What is the value of gaining a higher education?

I was reading an article today in the Guardian about the consequences of higher education. The writer's premise was that if graduates could not be guaranteed entry to the job market, higher education was meaningless. Does higher education have value beyond economic/ business needs?


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    Aug 31 2011: It gets you to new academic horizons if not further ... doesn't it?
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      Sep 3 2011: Yes, it does Silvia, hopefully, but the individuals involved need to be in a place of being willing to set sail to those horizons and due to various factors this is not always the case. Fortunately at my work we are encouraged to actively explore what we are interested in and to expand our own knowledge as well as encouraging learners to do so.)
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        Sep 3 2011: Really the problem with encouragement is great! We face this not just at our work place but also in universities in Bulgaria so I can relate to what you're saying quite well. Fortunately the school I work for provides options for learning like seminars, workshops, etc. But that's hardly the case with other employers. Furthermore I think that higher education isn't for everyone but just for people who truly feel the need for it. I've been a very curious kid ever since I can recall from very distant memories but that's just me. Other people are simply happy doing stuff which is much more mundane than learning.

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