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What is the value of gaining a higher education?

I was reading an article today in the Guardian about the consequences of higher education. The writer's premise was that if graduates could not be guaranteed entry to the job market, higher education was meaningless. Does higher education have value beyond economic/ business needs?


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    Sep 1 2011: Yes this is the misery of mankind today, we want guarentee out of everything, instead of beng independent with more education or higher education, we are getting helpless and reliant on some one else! Tyrany is that, the higher education is making more and more handicaps out of a simple promising human being by simply labeling them as engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Economist or Commerce Graduates and science Graduates! The whole system of teaching is to be changed, which systematically degrades the gut feeling of an individual to be self sustaining rather then a job seeker out of a Graduate or master degree holder! This is the failure of education system who mostly creates slaves of jobs out of majority young individuals. In fact education is for enriching ones knowledge and understanding of many or particular subject rather them prone to just being a job seeker! You can write to me at : writetoresilience@hotmail.com
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      Sep 3 2011: Yes Bakul, I agree with you there. I once left a job because the government explicitly stated that the whole purpose of the new system imposed on our teaching was to ensure economic success rather than enriching the individual. I could not continue knowing that this idea was consuming the whole of our education system. Education is so much more than business and jobs.

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