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What is HEALING to you?

Finish this sentence. . .

HEALING is ________. People heal me with/when_____________. I want to see __________ in mainstream medical care.

Feel free to include an example of your uncommon path to wholeness or how you helped someone become healed.

  • Sep 29 2011: My definition .... "To heal is to unify the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual selves into an integrated and harmonious whole. To cure is to eliminate a demonstrable disease process. One can be healed without being cured."

    I am an oncology massage therapist. I have been privileged to walk down the final road with numerous patients who healed as they were dying of their disease.

    Some heal along the road, some at the last moment, some, never. This healing is primarily characterized by total acceptance and all-encompassing love. It is often manifested by a radiant presence.

    I have been transformed by what I have witnessed.
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    Sep 29 2011: Healing is an attitude. People heal me with acceptance. I want to see compassion in mainstream medical care.
    I feel much better when I am able to embrace life/death fully.
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    Aug 31 2011: HEALING is relief.
    People heal me with goodness in their heart.
    I want to see more humanity in the mainstream medical care ... somehow we forgot that there are people who are being treated and the doctors act like machines towards other machines: if it doesn't function why bother?
    • Sep 1 2011: Would you mind expanding, healing is relief from ____ ____ &______

      Yes, as a whole there is a shift from real patient-centered care to illness centered care right?

      Simon Sinek has a TEDx talk on youtube "first why and then trust" and if you what it I think that the problem in medicine is the split that he talks about- and I believe there is hope to find our way back to the person- I actually believe that is the only answer to the future of healthcare
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        Sep 1 2011: Healing is relief from pain and discomfort physically and emotionally.
        Pain induces anger, distrust, rage even and I believe the world is a better place without those things so it's good to have a way of getting rid of them.
        Patient centered healthcare is very important because each individual is unique (or at least we like to think we are?) and being so different things help. But you know for me there are two universal healers: LAUGHTER and MUSIC.
        • Sep 2 2011: wouldn't this be great,

          Silvia, I am going to prescribe you go out with some good friends and see some live music this weekend. If you are still having troubles, I will be here next week!

          Sometimes I guess we are our own Dr's in this way. Letting go of our to do list and feeding the soul instead.
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        Sep 13 2011: I did it. ;) I visited the Rila lakes in Bulgaria with my friends for my birthday and it was great! Fed the soul and had all the FUN. :D Didn't hear much live music but I had the music in my heart.
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    Aug 31 2011: Healing is a walkabout. Around your bed to around the world.
    • Sep 1 2011: Healing is a continuous process, it is not said and done.
  • Sep 30 2011: Just came across a remarkable quote:
    "No single therapeutic agent can be compared in efficiency with this familiar but perfect tool...the human hand. If half as much research had been expended on the principles governing manual treatment as upon pharmacology, the hand would be esteemed today on a par with drugs in acceptability and power.
    J. Madison Taylor, M.D. 1908"
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    Sep 29 2011: Touch is healing to me. When my kids were little and they complained about some person being cranky, I would ask them to ask themselves "who hugs this person?" It is a way to gain compassion for others and realize that loving human contact is so necessary for mental and physical health.

    So to complete the task:

    HEALING is being touched by caring people. People heal me with/when they engage me and touch me on the arm, the back or in medical systems touch me beyond just examining the broken parts of me. I want to see eye contact and acknowledgement that we are people in mainstream medical care.

    PS. I do know something of what I am talking about as a person who survived cancer surgery.
  • Sep 20 2011: Healing is occurring all the time (our body is always regenerating new cells).

    People heal me when they share what they are passionate about.

    I want to see engaged patients in mainstream medical care
    I want to hear patient's stories.
    I want patients to stand in their truth and make conscious decisions regarding their health.
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    Sep 1 2011: Healing is knowing that when I open my eyes the first thing in morning, I have another day and another chance. People heal me when they share their perspectives or help me understand theirs, empathizing.
    Healing works many-times by sharing as well, sharing your pain, happiness for simply the joy and comfort of knowing that one is not alone. This word does not have to mean that a person is healed from negative to positive, but a person can also be healed by simply exploring their surroundings and finding that there's much much more to be understand and learn.
    • Sep 4 2011: Deepak - I like what you have shared, especially "does not have to mean that a person is healed from negative to positive"--
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    Aug 31 2011: Laughter.

    Physical touch - it's the proof we're not alone.
    • Sep 1 2011: for me, yes and yes

      It's definatley important to have both!!
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    Sep 4 2011: No one does anything inappropriate given their model of the world.
    healed alot of wounds for me.
    also everyone is doing everything for themselves.
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    Sep 1 2011: HEALING is the process of restoring your body to a healthy state . People heal me with/when modern emedical cart. I want to see only those things that work better than placebo in mainstream medical care.

    Every method that really works, becomes regular medicine.
    That does not mean that all accepted methods are properly applied though.
    • Sep 2 2011: [Nature alone cures] surgery removes the bullet out of the limb, which is an obstruction to cure, but nature heals the wound. . . and what nursing has to do is. . . put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon it [Florence Nightengale]

      quote:That does not mean that all accepted methods are properly applied though.

      Sometimes a good method is applied too much, too long and too hard to allow the body to heal itself. There needs to be a balance.
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        Sep 3 2011: I agree that our body can heal a lot itself... but there are a lot of things we cannot heal ourselves (no need to give examples, they are aplenty)

        Nature can make us seriously ill, so I would not rely on Florence's wisdom when I'm Ill, I would go see a doctor. (though I do have a lot of respect for her contributions to society, I think you should be careful not to romanticize her opinions)
        • Sep 4 2011: I do not read Florence and believe she has anything against medicine. Quite contrary, she believes that the care a patient recieves to go with the medicine is just as important of a role. Her main focus was on the need for a patient to be attended to, not on choosing natural remedies over medicine.

          Medicine can only do so much, if a patient is not attended to, if their mental state and llifestyle not addressed- the patient will be in a cycle of damaging the body to correct something else- with chronic conditions at least. Medicine can also make you seriously ill, it is about becoming aware of your own self and knowing what is right for you and when.
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      Sep 4 2011: I am endlessly fascinated by the amount of faith that is required to make statments like that - and not just because of the irony. For certain conditions, like cancer where after a certain stage treatment is really just a guessing game (or pancreatic cancer where pretty much any stage is effectively the same) two people will have exactly the same prognosis and one will live and the other will die. You clearly would be in the latter category - effectively dying because you were told you were going to.

      I want to know how to get into the first category, because I think the mind is far more influential that any of us really know.

      I think part of that is understanding why your sort dies, and in particular how you parse things like this study http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2009-08/uoia-bhn080609.php where the placebo had a 63% efficacy.

      I understand that for people like you "placebo effect" is sematically equivalent to "does not work", whereas I want to know how those people - through only the power of belief in the action of taking the pill (but clearly not in taking a capsule with visible herbs to the same extent) - managed to effect the physical changes required.

      In my universe, harnessing that power and consciously directing it to solve issues *where possible* (preferably without the actual placebo) has value. You would rather have the pill, regardless of potential side effects. Why?

      EDIT: Actually, I am going to reword this and start a new thread.