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Issue: Did you read that sustainability report before buying that product ?

ISSUE: that many or almost all companies are facing is their inability to convey to their customer about their community engagement programs and sustainability initiative. So as to attract new customers and build loyal customers


(1) Build loyal customer (for any commodity that you can think of, specially one that you can buy at super market, for example coke bottle, doritos, shampoo bottle et cetera)
(2) Companies sharing common values with each and every customer.
(3) Increased support to NGO
(4) Increased sales

eeerr GENIUS, HOW ??

Phase 1) Companies will get their sustainability audit done based on GRI or AA1000 framework and acquire a small accreditation mark to place on the product to differentiate from other products and also proving that company has taken initiative towards the benefit of the society

Phase 2) (MOST INTERESTING) Now, there will be an org. that will be an intermediary for NGO, Companies & the customer. This org. was the one who in the first place provided accreditation mark, so the companies are already registered with it. NGO will also register with the org. to get funding. The customer will put a request (any member of public) to get a loyalty card. Once they acquire a loyalty card, they can build their own personal 'Green Portfolio', which basically means that, they can choose from a list of charity or NGO they want to support when they buy goods from accredited company. Buying an accredited product (shampoo, vasline, soft-drink et cetera) will give them (customer) points, so now from every accredited product a customer buys some cents (via the collected points) will be donated by the accredited company to the charity/NGO that the customer supports (from their Green Portfolio).

AMAZING aint it.

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    Sep 20 2011: Roshan, I encountered some websites that's involved in this similar idea in certain aspects. It would be great to have collaborations to bring more sustainability ideas to people. How can we put this into action?