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What if you met everyone you met online in real life?

Have you created friends or enemies online? Imagine if you had to see them face to face... what makes it easier to talk to people online than in real life?

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    Sep 3 2011: Nothing can replace face to face humane interaction. So definitely it will be great to meet people with whom a bond friendship already created virtually which can be strengthened through real interaction.
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    Sep 1 2011: Don't know what would happen...
    Would probably take up a lot of time, and my agenda would be filled with appointments.

    It would be a lot of fun to meet a lot of them. Though others I would have no interest in meeting.

    As for talking... typing is not the same as talking... And I think the differences are very obvious (I just erased a line, I rephrase,... You can't see my body language or my general emotional state,... ). Skyping and chatting and calling and writing letters or tweeting or reading status-updates.

    All forms of communication (old and new) are different, and people use it differently. Might be interesting to find out how that other person communicates in real life.
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    Sep 1 2011: It'll be oddly interesting,wonderful and awesome all at the same time.I only create friends, no enemies yet I think.It's easier here since we are able to delete or edit what we think is not suitable to be in a conversation.You can't do that in real life situations.That's just purely my thoughts.I can edit or delete this post if you don't like it.haha ;)
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    Sep 1 2011: I think it would be great. I've created some virtual friends who stayed with me through my online years and I plan on meeting them one day and getting to know them better in person. Luckily they are Bulgarian just as me and our country is so small.
  • Sep 1 2011: I have several international friendships where I only see them in person once a year if I'm lucky and it's striking how different the relationship feels during those short periods. When I'm talking to someone online I miss an amazing array of nonverbal cues that, in person, I take for granted to interpret nuances in meaning.

    Instead, everything I receive from someone online goes through my own personal filter which tends to reinforce the relationship to be as I believe it to be; i.e. if a friend says something slightly ambiguous I naturally interpret it to be intended in the most friendly way but if I'm having an argument with someone I'm more likely to interpret their comments as being hostile, since that's what I'm expecting. All this serves to make me feel as if I understand things better because it constantly reinforces what I already believe.

    However, when we meet in person suddenly there are all the cues that I'm not used to interpreting and I no longer feel as confident that I understand everything so well. This makes me more cautious and it can feel like a different relationship until I get used to those additional cues again.
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    Sep 1 2011: I'd have fallen in love 1,000,000 times over.
  • Aug 31 2011: The world would be a lot scarier. Think about how many creeps are online. How many con men. How many criminals. It's ridiculous how negative your life could become if you met everyone in reality that you did online.
  • Sep 4 2011: I would probably get bored of them pretty quickly.
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    Sep 3 2011: I don't think we meet people online so much as personalities and opinions. It's easy to meet someone who shares a similar interest with you on an online forum, but it has been my experience that conversation stick to the shared topic of interest. In flesh and blood gatherings people are less restricted and can be full of contradictions. They have past's they need to live with and futures they are growing into. Maybe I'm a bit old for online forums and do not get all the nuances, but I do not feel I have ever met a person online. I met many interesting opinions that originated in people, but I don't feel I met anyone without actually meeting (being together) them.
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    Sep 1 2011: I believe we would all be very surprised how different those people are, and how different we interact with them. Think about it. Being online makes us feel much for confident than we sometimes are in real life. I do think it would do us all good though, it would show how deceiving the internet can be.
  • Aug 31 2011: with the advent of webcam there is practically no difference - only thing you cannot do on-line is touch - and even that's been simulated and will be revised in the future (though doubtfully perfected).