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If you were to select a label for the human species as a whole which one would you select? Given ongoing wars, do we have a psychosis?

There are 7 billion people on Earth. We are all part of the human family and we are one species.

How would you categorize the personality of the human species as a whole?

Would you diagnose us as having a compulsive or addictive personality disorder as a whole species overall?

Given humanity's track record on killing, fighting, war, domination, etc going back to Cain and Abel It seems we do not have good problem solving skills. There probably has not been one day on Earth for at least several centuries where no human died at the hand of another. We seem to have an inability to behave appropriately and stop killing one an other.

Do you agree we must pick this up as a problem needing professional intervention?

Can we develop a real global peace plan of care to greatly reduce war

How would you describe the overall medical condition of human species?

Would you say we have been toxified and thus is the term homo-toxicus as put foward by Carole Poliquin in her film an accurate label for us?

Overall would you diagnose us as a healthy or unhealthy species of 7 billion considering the odds that we have of developing one or more chronic diseases in our lifetime is fairly high.

How would you describe our human nature?

Do you think we need to develop a new profession that provides counselling between countries and leaders of countries since the UN has not been very effective in achieving the goal for which it was established?

Have we placed our selves at the highest risk of extinction since our species can into existence or have we decreased our risk by learning how to overcome overcome many obstacles.

Will we ever stop destroying the environment and other life forms on earth?

Will we make it through and for how long? Could we survive as long as other species for millions of years? Are we destined to extinguish ourselves through shortsightedness of the negative consequences of our actions in a relatively short time frame over the next millennium or two


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  • Aug 31 2011: pretty healthy, for a virus
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      Aug 31 2011: can you elaborate?
      • Aug 31 2011: Well we tend to be pretty specific in our definitions of virus to disallow it's use on the multicellular level. However what other organism manipulates/destroys it's host environment to the extent humans do?
        And I say healthy since there is no known cure to the human condition but common sense - which we seem to be beating at an exponential rate.
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          Sep 2 2011: were like locusts.
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          Sep 5 2011: Are you willing to help humans overcome their addiction's leading to self destructive behaviors. I think a 12 step fellowship for peace is needed. What do you think?
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      Sep 6 2011: I was thinking, "vermin" - as in having the tendency to disrupt the balance of an ecosystem in the absence of a natural predator.

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