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Michelle Rosenthal

social worker, Dr Susan Smith McKinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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I am calling on all people to share ideas, films, photographs, songs, paintings, stories, documentaries on the topic how to wage peace.

Let’s share our ideas together & focus on trying to figure out a tangible plan with road-maps to peace on Earth. I would like to extend an open invitation to everyone on Earth to do anything they can to promote world peace, a global truce and cease fire. Any positive action helps from the small to the large. You may wish to have conversations about how to attain peace, wear a peace pin or T shirt, hang a poster or banner, give a lecture, or create an original work that can be shown on the internet or in public. The message should be a positive, hopeful, inspirational and informative, containing ideas that may lead humanity on the right road. Lets all flood the internet and the world with great ideas and projects for peace. Advocacy may help in creating a stronger momentum toward peace.

We may promote different ideas on how we can all do fun things together and improve our relations with each other. We are after all we are really one big family having several family feuds that have been going on way too long already. Its time to get past fighting, killing and war and begin to work on paving the road ahead together.

We have to realize that we may wind up contributing to an extinction of life on Earth. How many human lives have been lost at the hand of another human since the dawn of civilization? What good is wining a war if we lose the planet?

We have a new opportunity to create peace for the first time in human history, lets take it. I hope all nations compete to become #1 on the Global Peace Index.

It is important for people find their inner peace as well as peace in their families, communities and country.

I think a 1st step toward peace is for each person to take an inventory of themselves to see their part in promoting conflict, or not doing enough to prevent it.

We need to make amends to each other on an individual basis & between one country to the next, saying I'm sorry, please forgive.

What do U think and what are you able to do?


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  • Aug 31 2011: Thanks Michelle and please know this is much recognized and appreciated. We are in post-production for a feature film entitled The Congressman's Dinner which we hope may contribute humbly to world peace consideration and actualization.For some (still preliminary) information everyone can visit www.facebook.com/thecongressmansdinner and our still in development web site www.Thecongressmansdinner.com I am certainly open to all ideas and initiatives and welcome all participation.Thanks again - Bob

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