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Where does the “fire in your belly” come from?

Somewhere, somehow, there’s something inside of us that gives us a boost of energy around various subjects, people, movements.

Where does the fire come from?
How did it start?
What keeps it going?
Why do we gravitate towards one thing versus another?

Feel free to share the fire in your belly. Who knows, it could start a bonfire.


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    Aug 31 2011: Maybe you could tell us what motivates you?
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      Aug 31 2011: Marcin - Personally, I'm motivated by finding solutions to problems and/or opportunities around things that bring goodness to the world. I relish when someone says it's not possible. I'm a believer that if you see a problem, frustration or something that could better the world, it's your duty to chase it. It lights my fire. I'm not really sure where this comes from and/or why this motivates me more than others. Thoughts? What motivates you?
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        Aug 31 2011: I like to take action when I see how I can improve something - a material thing or a process. So when to think of it what drives me is my laziness that motivates me to find most efficient ways to get things done ;)

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