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What is your greatest passion and how have you been able to develop and sustain it?

I am curious about when people developed a long standing passion and what caused them to become inspired by the topic/activity. Did you discover it on your own or was it the result of the modelling of others. Is there greater motivation to act primarily for self improvement or for the betterment of others?


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  • Aug 31 2011: I feel like I am still looking for my passion so this question realy strikes home. the comment below of " Live the life you want to live, not the life you think you have to live" is so poingnent for me. At 32 I still don't know what that is. Any ideas on how to get there or find it would be great.
    • Aug 31 2011: Same. I feel like I have too many passions, none strong enough to pursue well enough to become really good at it. I made one my job (computer science) but the day-to-day hassles of academia are progressively spoiling it…
    • Aug 31 2011: I feel your pain. I didn't find a passion until I was 27 and two + years later I'm still trying to figure out how to make a living at it!
    • Sep 1 2011: I'm in the same boat, but I'm older. I just turned 63. My motto has become "I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up." I have had many different careers and interests over the years, and for most of them, I was passionate for some time. But then, something else always came along that pulled me away. There are too many opportunities and fascinating fields of activity and inquiry in this world. I want it all. I can't say no. So, if I have an overarching passion, it must be novelty. Anything I don't know or can't do is more interesting - more attractive, more engaging - than what I know or have done. There's never time to go back and become an expert in one of my old passions. ... and yes, the need to make a living does seem to complicate matters. I'm always jealous of those who can support themselves and pursue their passions at the same time (often doing the same thing). I'm reading this conversation to find out how one falls into that lucky circumstance.
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        Sep 1 2011: Dear Jennette, Damien, Laura and Bob,
        I am 65 years of age, and I don't know what I want to be when I grow up either...LOL:>)
        I am still exploring every life challenge with passion. We don't need to look for passion, or search for it outside ourselves. Passion is a feeling we can have for everything and anything.

        I too have had several careers Bob, and have been fully engaged and passionate about each and every one of them. When something else seemed to pull me in another direction, I was passionate about the new direction. What I've discovered, is that all the passionate paths I've taken have all been eventually interconnected.

        I also want it all Bob, and I don't feel that I need to become an expert in anything. I learn, grow and evolve with each and every interaction to the best of my ability at any given time. I have not found the "need to make a living" to "complicate matters". In fact, I find that when I follow an interesting, passionate path, it usually becomes lucrative. I am one of the people who has supported myself with the pursuit of my passions. I think sometimes we build a life, that may provide a living:>)
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        Sep 6 2011: I'm 48 and feel that I life in your world. Jealously observing these youngers. Ohhh, how to reconsile.?
    • Sep 1 2011: http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/01/how-to-discover-your-life-purpose-in-about-20-minutes/

      Maybe the above link can help for beginners.

      Hi, Jennete, Damien, Laura, Bob.....I hope this helps.

      It's difficult to answer all your questions in the scope of a tiny reply. Most of the time we are the ones standing in our own way. Once we remove the programming and conditioning that are not helpful in discovering our inner light; i.e. our fears, our insecurities, our traditions, our need to seek approval, recognition, money and so on and so forth our purpose in life will dawn unto us.

      I'm 35 and I have found my purpose quite early on. But it was not one single thing. I simply kept the faith. It was a series of insights i pursued and the experience of one provided the scaffolding I needed (knowledge, experience, skills, maturity, networks, etc) to move on to the next one until the very big dream I had as a child looks like it's really going to take shape.

      I would like to describe what my path looks like so others may identify their own path but there's not enough space here.

      What it takes to find our dream is different from what we expect it would take. So even when we're actually on the path we diminish our experiences and then the reel has to be reset again and again until we learn to see, to truly be able to see.

      One thing I promised myself to do when I started out living only from my dreams is to help other people find their dreams. In my Quest I read so much on the theme of "What Should I Do With My Life" but none of them were helpful. That's when I realize I had to do this : live my dreams then only can I know what it takes. When we allow our Light to shine we give others the permission to shine, is how I think of it.

      One clue I can leave here is that our dream is not one single destination; it unfolds over time and it keeps getting better and grander. And that also means u make more and more money the longer u pursue it.

      Love and Light -
      • Sep 1 2011: Intriguing article, thanks for posting. I do know where I want my life to go I just need little refreshers like that to motivate me to get through the current road block.
      • Sep 6 2011: I tried the above link to Steve Pavlina's blog, and I spent over 3 hours (178 tries at writing down a purpose statement or phrase) on his 20 minute exercise, but the process never converged for me. It would be useful, I think, to have a single sentence, like the one Pavlina has for himself, to go back to for guidance and inspiration whenever setting goals, making plans, or deciding what to do in the present moment. I may go back to this exercise again when I am in a different mood or frame of mind.

        I might also try to "reverse engineer" a purpose/passion statement for myself, by looking at the four areas that Pavlina talks about elsewhere in his blog: body (What do I need to do? - necessities, needs, musts [income falls in this area]), mind (What can I do? - capabilities, talents, skills, knowledge, possibilities to learn), heart (What do I want to do? - wants, wishes, desires, dreams), and spirit (What should I do? - conscience, morality, ethics, aspirations, values). My purpose/passion would be the unique aim/direction (not a target or a goal, but my unique "way") that brings the greatest convergence (overlap, commonality, synergy) and balance over those four areas (body, mind, heart, spirit / need, can, want, should) for my own personal needs, capabilities, wants, and shoulds. I don't have any way of knowing if that approach might work unless I try it. ... And like several other people have said in this thread, whether it leads me to the desired outcome or not, it's sure to be fun and enlightening.
    • Sep 1 2011: Ok, so does everyone identify with Jeanette? I certainly do. My passion is growing for real Life. I am finding it in a special person, a desire to live in other countries and travel, and a desire to work at something that makes a difference.

      Yeah Bob, maybe I don't know yet either...what I want to "be"...but finding out sure looks fun.
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        Sep 1 2011: Michael,
        I think you have hit the nail on the head...
        Passion is a way of travel...not necessarily a destination:>)
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      Sep 1 2011: I frequently feel empty, and I have the urge just to do something but none has satisfied me yet.. The moment I adapted to future-centered framework the more I feel the urge to find my passion but I failed every time, I just don't understand how to 'get' my passion, I am currently 16 that may be a bit early for some but I'd say nothing is early after the internet, do any of you grown ups have advice for me? I feel stuck
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        Sep 1 2011: Dear Agustinus,
        You are very old...you better hurry up and find passion!!! I'm just kidding:>)

        I have always experienced life as an adventurous exploration. Do you remember when you were very young discovering many things for the first time? It was exciting for me. I still explore life with the curiosity of a child. Feeling empty is not a bad thing because then there is all that empty space to fill up with new discoveries:>) Try new things...explore something that interests you...be open minded and open hearted with your explorations.

        When you plan for the future by adapting a "future-centered framework", don't forget to leave a door open so you don't box yourself in. Do you understand that idea? Be open to possibilities. What makes your heart sing? What gives you pleasure? Joy? Contentment? Follow your heart, and listen to your logical mind to plan the future framework. Your heart and mind working together is a powerful combination:>)
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          Sep 4 2011: mmm try new things? I got this idea to learn a lot of things all by myself using tutorials from the internet such as trying to work out without going to gym, how that sounds?
      • Sep 1 2011: We live in a very fast pace world with high expectations. At 16/17 I thought I knew what my future held b/c as the youngest of 3 I was the only one with the brains and the desire to take over the family business. I went off to college and got married and when I went back to the family business after 4 years away I found I had no desire whatsoever to take over. During those 4 years away from home I got outside the conservative box that was my family and discovered a whole new world. Being a teenager is tough but try to have a little patience and an open mind and you will find something.
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          Sep 1 2011: Dear Laura,
          I thought as an older teen, I knew what my life might be like...I thought as a 20 year old I had a plan and knew what my life would be like...things changed...I thought as a 30 year old I knew...things changed...then I was 40...things changed and didn't work out as planned...then I was 50 and I remember having a conversation with a great friend one day...
          We decided that we never really know for sure. We can have dreams, ideas and plans for the future, but we never really know. So the best plan I've come up with is to live every moment with passion...as if it might be the last moment of my life.
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        Sep 4 2011: Augustinus,
        Sounds great to me...how does it FEEL to you?
        When I'm feeling "stuck", I usually explore several different things to see what helps me feel "unstuck":>)
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          Sep 5 2011: I am still thinking how I'm going to make money though... I keep remembering myself how naive I am, and if I were alone I would probably not survive, I spent years under the protection of my parents who sooner or later going to leave me struggling all by myself, that makes the difficulty of getting an A in all subjects pale in comparison (at least in my imagination)
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        Sep 5 2011: Dear Agustinus,
        Good to hear from you again:>)
        I don't think you are "naive" because you are thinking of many different things, which tells me that you are a wise young person. Do you really think your parents will leave you struggling all by yourself? Perhaps they have given you enough love and protection so you can make good life choices? Try imagining that:>)
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      Sep 5 2011: Dear Stuck people,

      Hopefully this view may be of some help to some.
      Pursuing your passion may come from knowing the purpose of life: to learn through exploration, adventure and pleasure. When we come into this world we make the decision as to what we are going to work on in each lifetime. Our soul then lays out options for us. Maybe this time around you felt you needed to work on separation, or guilt, or experience fame, or smooth out self-worth issues etc. The soul will set those vibrations in your energy field to magnetize events that will give you the opportunity to get whatever is needed to be experienced.
      Let’s say you chose ‘self-worth’ as your number one issue. How could you tell? Well, if you’ve had many circumstances in which you would question your own worth, e.g. a parent instilling in you that you were stupid or ugly, a rape or molestation, coworkers questioning your capacities, a cheating spouse, being passed over for promotion. Anything that leaves you feeling ‘not being good enough’.
      You will need to understand that there is nothing that anybody can say or do to lessen your worth. That there is no such thing as being worth-less.

      By looking through understanding glasses to the world and being open to the lessons within your relationships (friends, family, lovers, coworkers, countries, leaders etc.) and all that you encounter in life, you free the destructive energy that keeps you from pursuing your passion. And you may well find your calling in simply sharing your struggles with others and helping them find their purpose and passion.

      With respect for your distinctive individual paths,

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