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What is your greatest passion and how have you been able to develop and sustain it?

I am curious about when people developed a long standing passion and what caused them to become inspired by the topic/activity. Did you discover it on your own or was it the result of the modelling of others. Is there greater motivation to act primarily for self improvement or for the betterment of others?


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      Sep 1 2011: I love art. If I had the ability, it would consme my life.

      I think the ability to create good art is genetic. I simply can't create any "visions." Artist draw what they "see" but I have no sight. I could never train my mind's eye to create an image.

      What little art I have created is highly valued!
    • Sep 2 2011: Greg,
      I grew up with two artist parents, so I have seen the dedication that comes with such a passion. It is a tough go - financially - but it is an amazing and valuable pursuit. As a child, I couldn't quite grasp why my mom didn't have a 'real' job, but as I grew older I was able to appreciate the beauty that she was able to create, and I am thankful to have the work of both my parents on my walls. I hope you will continue to paint and bring your inspiration to life.!
    • Sep 2 2011: I hope that someday in the future creativity will be free of financial constraints. But I guess the pressure, in a strange way, nurtures the creativity too.

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