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What is your greatest passion and how have you been able to develop and sustain it?

I am curious about when people developed a long standing passion and what caused them to become inspired by the topic/activity. Did you discover it on your own or was it the result of the modelling of others. Is there greater motivation to act primarily for self improvement or for the betterment of others?


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  • Sep 1 2011: My passions have been many. The first one was for horses and I spent from 7 to 16 pretty much wrapped up in all things horsey This spread into a love of animals and nature as my awareness began to expand .Being out in the wild,both Ocean and land based would give me a super charge. I also had this natural tendency to make things out of things and draw a lot so I was encouraged to explore art. That took off and became an escape and also a platform to stand on once I was ready to present my creations and they were so well received. I took that to a full on career which of course eventually killed the passion..
    Now I have a new passion that ties many of the past ones together. It involves a life of sailing for the Oceans. Learning and teaching , connecting and protecting , Being an Activist at sea and pouring my heart and soul into helping to keep this beautiful blue planet alive. I am not sure yet exactly how this will unfold but I am devoting my resources and my labor of love into making it happen. That's where the creativity comes in to play again. I see puppet shows with the children of remote island communities, using adorable sea creature puppets ,showing films on their shores to help them to understand the oceans . To inspire them to want to protect their waters in a way that is now so needed. I'm not sure if I can really call this a passion as much as a calling. The passion is to live an active ,adventurous and creative life with a strong sense of purpose. The calling is in helping people to wake up and take care of our planet. The challenge is to weave it all together so it works . The Children are the hope for a future that continues the cycle of life.

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