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Why isn't mankind provided with all the details of his existence?

Why are humans only allowed so much information at any one time? Then think about the reality of what time really is. Obviously, this existence would seem to serve no purpose if we already had ALL of knowledge.

So is existence unraveling at the rate knowledge is given to us? Or is knowledge a distraction on the journey through our existence?


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    Aug 31 2011: because it wouldn't be interesting if we knew for certain that Prometheus made us from the leftovers of everything else and that zeus stomps around shagging mortals and smiting foes with thunderbolts.
    we are here simply because we are not elsewhere. as to why we aren't provided with details of our existence its because there aren't really any details we are things, objects in space and life is a by-product of chance.
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      Sep 1 2011: Life is a product of chance? I am new to this mind-frame, please clue me in. Chance? Am I understanding you to mean as if we were leaves in a forest and it is by chance that we fall to certain places on the forest floor? So as humans we move through space to different destinations only by chance? So there is no room for thought or decision-making? Or is that all apart of chance? Objects? Are you speaking of our bodies or our minds, as objects?
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      Sep 1 2011: Chance is a an easy word to use because it says nothing or at best it says there is no cause. Are you able to define 'chance'?
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        Sep 2 2011: i was only talking about life on earth as a product of chance. It just so happens that out of the billions of planets earth was the one that had the right conditions for life.
        wasn't the extinction of the dinosaurs chance that gave life the twist into mammals?

        humans obviously do make choices but the events around us are usually just chance.
        by definition i just mean without fate or destiny or human action, surely all human life starts as a random possibility of which sperm will get there first?
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          Sep 6 2011: Actually Tom, I do understand what you are saying. When I realized that I had not made the choice to be born, yet I was born and now I am suppose to operate and function (properly) in a world/environment that is not stable or static and is always at-risk for destruction (e.g. natural disasters, varying mental personalities that may breakdown and directly affect others, the negative actions of other people that do not THINK about how their decisions will affect someone else, or even the decisions that are thought out but still negatively affect someone) I definitely understand the concept of chance as being apart of LIFE's equation/formula.

          I could believe that everything that happens was purposed and there are no accidents, but then if that is the case then whatever decision I make doesn't matter because if I made it it was purposed and there are not accidents, right? I am going to have to take some time to think that one through.

          I do believe the circumstances and situations of our journey through existence is purposed when we follow the natural laws that contribute to goodness of LIFE in all forms and when we seek for peace in our own individual hearts. But who knows, maybe the individuals that do not have peace in their hearts are apart of the formula/equation for the betterment of someone else's heart?

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