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Why isn't mankind provided with all the details of his existence?

Why are humans only allowed so much information at any one time? Then think about the reality of what time really is. Obviously, this existence would seem to serve no purpose if we already had ALL of knowledge.

So is existence unraveling at the rate knowledge is given to us? Or is knowledge a distraction on the journey through our existence?

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    Sep 12 2011: The details have been provided the only thing is that we are covered up so much stuffs these days that we are ignorant to see..
  • Sep 11 2011: You have said: "Knowledge is that entity that moves when we move and causes our minds to move."

    If we seperate what you said:
    Knowledge Is an entity
    It moves when we move - SO knowledge is seperate from us
    It causes our mind to Move = So mind is seperate from us? Then who says "Our Mind"
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    Sep 13 2011: Good morning to you from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Maranda, before this conversation closes let me inject some optimism in this most worthwhile exploration. First, I must point out that bygone generations were not privy to knowledge accessible to us today. They did not know the intriguing wonder of genetics, nor the awesome powers hidden in nuclear fusion. Their discoveries, such as the heliocentric concept of our universe and later the combustion engine were important, necessary milestones . Our queries continue. Curiosity drives us forward....we have to have answers.
    This imbedded urge, this unquenchable thirst for knowledge may well be the central reason for our existence. Our short lifetime is but a blink, and yet.....we add pieces to the puzzle. Our descendants will, some day have the whole picture. It may take millenia or not. There is no telling what we could discover tomorrow.
    And why would knowing the "ultimate truths" render our existence without purpose? I would still want to live and enjoy.....Earth could be transformed into Paradise. Utopia could become reality.
    Meanwhile we must not be greedy but be content with our lot. Enjoy the Mystery.
    This is our moment.....right now.
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    Sep 12 2011: nothing to learn
    because you already know
    have only to remember.
    life is not a school
    but hey i am only young so don't believe me.
    just reminding you of what you already know.
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    Aug 31 2011: Hi Maranda,
    Do you honestly think/feel that humans are "only allowed so much information at any one time"? Or, could it be that some humans choose to accept a limited amount of information? I think/feel it is the latter. Perhaps we recieve the information we are ready and able to recieve? We are not provided with all details of this existence, because if we had all the information, we wouldn't need to explore human form. The human form is not capable of carrying the energy vibration necessary to carry all the information. You're right..."this existence would seem to serve no purpose if we already had ALL of the knowledge"....which is why the human body is not structured to accomodate the energy vibration to "know" everything. It would be like plugging a 220 volt appliance into an electric outlet designed to service 110 volts!

    I do not believe knowledge is ever a distraction, unless we choose it to be so. Part of evolution and the human life process is gaining let us continue to do it!!! :>)

    Time, is one of the constructs, created by humans to keep track of ourselves...LOL :>)
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      Sep 1 2011: Hello Colleen! I can see how we may receive only the information we are able to receive. I can see that. The information within the internet, alone, is too much for a human to consume. So I can see not being ready to receive, but sometimes when I look back over history it is amazing how much certain civilizations seemed to know versus other more contemporary civilizations. We all lived/live on the same Earth yet because of our cultures (or so it seems), we (understand) and realize and create in different ways and at certain progressions within our own time constructs.
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        Sep 5 2011: I agree Maranda,
        Actually, it seems like many ancient cultures evolved at a similar pace in many of the same ways, even though they were geographically seperate. Perhaps certain things are important to different cultures at various times throughout history? Western civilization, in modern times, has embraced science and technology, and it seemed to forget individual development and growth for quite awhile. Now many people are looking for "themselves", and exploring more spiritual paths. I think/feel we need to find the balance in everything, and that is how we will evolve faster, peacefully and in conjunction with the whole. When we have balance, we are more capable of assimilating more information, and that balance begins with each of us as individuals:>)
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    Aug 31 2011: I actually see time or perhaps space-time more accurately, or whatever label we want to give it, as a very real, experienced phenomenon. There is certainly an arrow which progresses in one direction; I've had no experience in which the arrow turned around. Unfortunately, after this realization my brain puts up a wall as to the more fundamental question of purpose. Who would be doing the "providing?" I suppose that would have to be my question. Humans have been riding this arrow of space-time and discovering this knowledge. With the now known expanse of the universe(s), I'm not sure the discovery of new knowledge has any end.
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      Aug 31 2011: Hi Taylor! Ok so then that takes me back to my second question (above) and then I would ask you, what is knowledge? Because if knowledge may be limitless (and I totally agree), then don't you find it amazing that we are given just certain amount at certain times in certain places? I don't know, I may be loitering in areas that I don't need to be. The directional arrow example was good. How do you explain our ability to travel into the future (e.g. dreams)? Have you ever had a dream and it came true? How is that explained with our space-time experience?I do not think the provider is a (who) but more of a (what). Which philosopher do you appreciate most?
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        Aug 31 2011: Knowledge to me is really not much more than experience. All of the knowledge that anyone could ever attain is available, but on the cosmic scale, individuals like you and me only exist for the blink of an eye.

        I personally don't see dreams as time travel. The subconscious is very powerful and I believe what you perceive as predicting the future (jumping ahead of the arrow) is nothing more than self-actualization of a previous perceived experience. It's pretty remarkable what we can convince ourselves of, but if you completely deconstruct these moments, I would but there is logic and science behind it.

        Bertrand Russell if were speaking fairly contemporary, otherwise probably Descartes for his hand in the Scientific Revolution.
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          Sep 1 2011: Good eveing Taylor! "self-actualization of a previous perceived experience" as in living it out in another life?
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      Sep 6 2011: Taylor,
      Have you provided some important information regarding this question?

      You write..." brain puts up a wall...".
      And in your next comment, you write..."The subconscious is very powerful...".

      I agree with both of your statements, and I believe that often, our thinking mind/brain "puts up a wall" when we think we have an answer. We then fail to access the subconscious, which is indeed very powerful:>) Sometimes we allow what we know on a thought/logic level, to influence choices, and thereby prevent ourselves from having more information that may be available through our subconscious.
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    Sep 1 2011: Nobody knows. And anybody who claims to know is a small child swimming in the deep end.

    But if people had sense they would realize that we can one day figure it out.
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    Aug 31 2011: because it wouldn't be interesting if we knew for certain that Prometheus made us from the leftovers of everything else and that zeus stomps around shagging mortals and smiting foes with thunderbolts.
    we are here simply because we are not elsewhere. as to why we aren't provided with details of our existence its because there aren't really any details we are things, objects in space and life is a by-product of chance.
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      Sep 1 2011: Life is a product of chance? I am new to this mind-frame, please clue me in. Chance? Am I understanding you to mean as if we were leaves in a forest and it is by chance that we fall to certain places on the forest floor? So as humans we move through space to different destinations only by chance? So there is no room for thought or decision-making? Or is that all apart of chance? Objects? Are you speaking of our bodies or our minds, as objects?
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      Sep 1 2011: Chance is a an easy word to use because it says nothing or at best it says there is no cause. Are you able to define 'chance'?
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        Sep 2 2011: i was only talking about life on earth as a product of chance. It just so happens that out of the billions of planets earth was the one that had the right conditions for life.
        wasn't the extinction of the dinosaurs chance that gave life the twist into mammals?

        humans obviously do make choices but the events around us are usually just chance.
        by definition i just mean without fate or destiny or human action, surely all human life starts as a random possibility of which sperm will get there first?
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          Sep 6 2011: Actually Tom, I do understand what you are saying. When I realized that I had not made the choice to be born, yet I was born and now I am suppose to operate and function (properly) in a world/environment that is not stable or static and is always at-risk for destruction (e.g. natural disasters, varying mental personalities that may breakdown and directly affect others, the negative actions of other people that do not THINK about how their decisions will affect someone else, or even the decisions that are thought out but still negatively affect someone) I definitely understand the concept of chance as being apart of LIFE's equation/formula.

          I could believe that everything that happens was purposed and there are no accidents, but then if that is the case then whatever decision I make doesn't matter because if I made it it was purposed and there are not accidents, right? I am going to have to take some time to think that one through.

          I do believe the circumstances and situations of our journey through existence is purposed when we follow the natural laws that contribute to goodness of LIFE in all forms and when we seek for peace in our own individual hearts. But who knows, maybe the individuals that do not have peace in their hearts are apart of the formula/equation for the betterment of someone else's heart?
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    Aug 31 2011: Hi Maranda. Why do you think mankind isn't provided with all details? All living beings are. How would they otherwise know where to go what to do to survive and multiply.
    Well you may think they're not aware of it, they just do and yes they do and not thinking over it. We do think it over and as we've put it into time we tell it to ourselves, we say: "Now I know."
    In all research we end at the place we started from but now here to say: "for the first time do I know where I am".
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      Sep 1 2011: Hello Frans! One of my favorite quotes is: The measure of what we don't know, will ALWAYS outweigh the measure of what we think we know. If that doesn't humble us what will?

      I completely agree with you that we have "loaded" into us the knowledge on how to survive and multiply. However, sometimes I am amazed at how much we don't know yet we parade around as if what we do know is anything at all compared to what we do not know.
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        Sep 1 2011: A little singing bird has no need to carry all those brains around to know what is needed at any moment. But it's only accurate as long as it's environment is what it should be.
        Humans however need to adapt quickly under whatever circumstances. To do so they need an image of things which we call knowing and use intelligence to apprehend cause and effect. With this they can outsmart game and anticipate events. That image is one big construction into which the relevance of all sorts of stimuli is known by their meaning.
        After we learned to speak that information could travel over the generations and increased exponential. With it came also that information along that was outdated or incorrect.
        This construct is our reference at any moment to interpret that on what we focus. This makes what we're aware of but in trusting on this construct alone to be the reality, we become deaf for all information that we could extract from our feelings as the singing bird does. This ‘feeling’ information we call subconscious but is available and accurate if we learned to listen to it without mixing it up with our thoughts.

        So there are two kinds of knowing. One that's fractal and partly incorrect but we can speak about it and another kind that’s complete, correct, and available as we need it but we can't put this into words.
        Our real desire is to transfer all information that our feeling has access to into our awareness and by doing this know everything. So the truth is that we know all even if we don't know.
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    Aug 31 2011: Maranda, are you asking why we don't know where we come from and why we are here, or are you asking why we have to learn things like languages, mathematic formulas... as opposed to knowing everything?

    In my opinion, our individual existence indeed unfolds itself and evolves as we learn more, because knowledge informs who we are, what we do and why we do it. I would not want to know everything, including the "purpose" (if there is any) of our existence, because learning new things satisfies me and makes me curious for even more at the same time. Do you think humans would be driven to do anything at all if they really knew everything?
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      Sep 1 2011: Hello Simone! (Beautiful name!)

      No, I do not think humans would be driven to do much if we "had it all". I see the slow progression of acquired knowledge and understanding as a pathway towards something, what that is I am not quite sure (it seems it has been buried under thousands of systematically induced delusions and lies over time). But no matter what, where ever this space-time continuum is taking us, I know for sure we won't get there any faster than we are suppose to.
  • Aug 31 2011: Time is felt only when existence is felt. Existence is not felt in our deep sleep.
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      Sep 1 2011: Hello Prasat! As one who appreciates Carl Jung, I agree with you but even within our unconscious do you think we are provided with all understanding or knowledge? Or does it just not matter, hence the reason for my second question (Or is knowledge a distraction on the journey through our existence?)?
      • Sep 1 2011: If we are provided with all knowledge, Then the question of who provided it arises. Also, how do you define knowledge?
        Also, why do you link existence with knowledge?
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          Sep 6 2011: True. I am not sure it is a who that provides knowledge but more a what. Knowledge is that entity that moves when we move and causes our minds to move. I think existence is linked to knowledge because there is no knowledge without existence and there is no existence without the knowledge that we ARE and now we need to find out what we are.

          You know, I don't know really why I linked them together. Maybe it was the input or insight of another posting, not sure. What are your thoughts?
  • Aug 31 2011: what is time, really? besides the human concept for measuring causality that is.
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      Aug 31 2011: perception of energy transfer?
      • Sep 1 2011: energy transfer?
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        Sep 1 2011: I second Chris' response? "Energy transfer", please elaborate.