Vernon Nolan

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That People Power be deployed everywhere to produce and distribute free food for the entire population on Earth.

Everyone seems to be going crazy, worrying about this depression. All the remedies offered so far seem to accept that it all going to happen. I am suggesting that all peace loving people combine to take control of this situation and declare that mankind will not suffer because a few individuals made bad decisions while gambling with our money.
First, we decide between us that this idea is worthy of exploration. Next, we need to work out how it can be done. Then we will have to choose, who will be able to do what.
The basic notion is very simple. Without trying to put alternative nuances on everything said, each of us will need to be very clear about their motives and action objectives.
We shall have to start by producing food. Whatever we need we simply ask for it. Allow others to be just as public spirited, and test them. In poor areas, instead of trying to teach the whole population how to subsist on their worn out soil, show those with some talent how to gather their neighbors and build the most modern food production facilities using the best advice available. Do not try to discipline them into learning anything that is already redundant. Catapult them straight into the 21st century. Subsistence farming must make way.
Volunteers will provide the work, Those with means will contribute material goods. The millions of existing volunteers is clear proof that money is not the only incentive. Money must not be allowed to feature. This whole effort must be like the Internet, totally free from influence by vested interests.
The amount of food produced is a function of the work done, by man and machine. Soon all essential work will be by machine. Who would pay wages when a capital machine can do better? There must come a time when human work will not be necessary. By then we will have to find different ways to distribute the wealth that could be produced. There is much that had to be left out.

Closing Statement from Vernon Nolan

I am having trouble finding some of the comments. If I missed you and still want a response, please let me know.
The basic idea I suggested of People joining together to create as much food as possible, seems obvious, but I will admit that there are considerable problems. The existing food industry can easily produce all the food we need and more. They do not do so only because there is not enough profit in trying to sell food at less than cost. By doing all the work voluntarily the whole industry would collapse. I will write a sequel to my question shortly