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are some emotions learned?

emotions are elicited responses, but i wonder if there are some emotions that can be learned. for example you see someone sad about certain situation, and then a similar situation comes to you and you react the same way, would it be because you have seen it from someone else already, so you unconsciously react the same way that the other person did?or is just "naturally"comes from you?would our reactions towards some situations be different if we didnt see it from other people?

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    Aug 31 2011: Not emotions but the way you express them can be learnt.
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    Sep 1 2011: No... emotions are chemicals of your brain that are released depending on an individuals situation.
  • Aug 30 2011: Emotions themselves are natural, but you can probably learn how to use them in different situations. It's interesting, autistic individuals have problems processing emotions: . You usually have a lot of information on the the internet, do some thorough research (google), learn how to search more accurately/relevantly (to find what you want), being able to differentiate between relevant/irrelevant;accurate/inaccurate information - it will help you in long term learning skills :)

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      Aug 30 2011: Yes i'm gonna start doing my own research to find the answers to my questions, thank you :)