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do you think psychology should be one of the main subjects that should be taken before graduating from high school?

Learning Psychology is learning about yourself and others as individuals so it would help the students to know more about themselves as humans being, and that would help them in better decision making, problem solving in life situations, and gain more confidence in themselves. Many young people this days dont know what to do after high school so they do whatever comes in their way, i'm not saying psychology will fix their problems or make them a better person, thats their decision. I just think learning about themselves and others is a good way to start the next level of their lives.
whats your opinion about it?


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  • Aug 31 2011: I think psychology is an incredibly interesting field of study, however I personally believe it would be more beneficial to involve high school kids in team sports or something of the like, rather than a psychology course. Instead of sitting down to learn about how you should make these decisions or solve a problem - you really need to be actively involved in developing these skills. In this instance, I agree with Frans, It’s about interaction and reflection...
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      Sep 1 2011: oh there is a lot of different sports you can do at school already, and we interact with people since the day we born, and most of young people dont learn from interaction and reflection, they just want to have fun and wait for what the future brings to them, instead of them building their future. and you can make classes fun, not just sitting around listening, we know most of humans get bored easily, thats why there are methods to make classes interesting.. Thanks for your point of view, still not enough to change mine

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