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Should space travel be the worlds top priority

It seems like our purpose on this world is to go forward. The way I see it, our school students don't learn enough about space. Their knowlege is the key to improving our progress. But not enough students are introduced to such oppurtunities. Looking back on grades K-12, with more learning about space, I would've probably changed my college major, or came close to doing so. Bottom line we need to increase their intrest levels. We're missing out on tapping into brilliant minds that can take the world to new hights.


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  • Sep 6 2011: Because space travel is unnecessary. It's main purpose is for knowledge, and even though that is certainly important, I think the incredible amounts of money put into NASA and the space program is too much, and even though astronomy is fascinating and interesting, it definetly shouldn't be the world's top priority. And in terms of education, kids already aren't interested in school, and reform of the system as a whole is already an issue, without focusing in one area like space travel.

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