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How do we reform education?

I recently witnessed a TEDx event in Colorado and heard Ramona Pierson discuss her philosophy on education - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5aHL2qd_08.

She believes there's an equation (ok, actually an algorithm) that can be used to prescribe a unique education path for every student. This idea comes in the wake of a near nationwide adoption of the Common Core Standards. Where do the resources in the United States currently need to be focused to assure positive progress in education?


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  • Sep 15 2011: How do we reform education? If you have the time, I would love to tell you all of my ideas, as it is i will simply outline them.

    1) much more flexible learning environment, what times things are scheduled for (maybe classes available from 8am till 6pm and you simply have to take 6 hours in between that)

    2) No more of this fooling around. If you TRULY don't want to be there, then let those kids leave, but allow them to come back when the realize they finally want that education.

    3) More accessible. Online involvement. PDF files of work sheets and packets teachers want kids to do, if they forget theirs, or lose it, they can get a new one right online.
    Also books should be available with online copies
    And teachers should utilize the internet with postings on a calendar of when projects are due and what the assignments were.

    4) more individualized approach. I was a student where if you gave me my text book, work sheet/assignment, extra resources (packets and such) and sent me to the library for the hour rather then sitting i the class room for discussions, I would ace the test no problem, but sit me in a room for an hour with students getting off track, or even just learning too slow for my pace and I drifted off and couldn't focus. (too bad my school refused independent study)

    5) (and last) Get rid of the no child left behind act. I've seen classes destroyed by having to teach to the standardized tests. We learn less when teachers have to make sure we pass a test rather then simply learn so we can know the information.

    (and this was the quick version!)
    • Sep 26 2011: Very well said! I also think that educational reforms must include parental involvement in every aspect of their child's education. A lot of students have no accountability at home.

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