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How do we reform education?

I recently witnessed a TEDx event in Colorado and heard Ramona Pierson discuss her philosophy on education - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5aHL2qd_08.

She believes there's an equation (ok, actually an algorithm) that can be used to prescribe a unique education path for every student. This idea comes in the wake of a near nationwide adoption of the Common Core Standards. Where do the resources in the United States currently need to be focused to assure positive progress in education?


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    Sep 8 2011: I think we should be asking children what they wish to learn about and grouping them accordingly. reading and basic math should be requirements and that can be done through their interests. i tend to read about what im interested in as do most people. its forced reading that bores children and adults alike. everyone has their own definition of intelligence and everyone measures everyone else to their own foot. its time we let some of the children of the age of technology begin to educate themselves. i do belive they may do a better job than we will try to do. we cant even feed ourselves properly.

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