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How do we reform education?

I recently witnessed a TEDx event in Colorado and heard Ramona Pierson discuss her philosophy on education - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5aHL2qd_08.

She believes there's an equation (ok, actually an algorithm) that can be used to prescribe a unique education path for every student. This idea comes in the wake of a near nationwide adoption of the Common Core Standards. Where do the resources in the United States currently need to be focused to assure positive progress in education?


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      Sep 8 2011: Li,

      There's no doubt given your feedback that you feel strongly in regards to a problem I see in a very similar light. I try to be careful with how negatively I think about the issue, but in the current state, and especially for those on the front line, it's so hard to keep an optimistic spin.
      I've worked for the Library of Congress for a number of years providing professional development that I truly think bridges some of the gaps that exist due to this "weakened system" - http://www.loc.gov/teachers/tps/

      I'm certainly frustrated, but I think there's current initiatives that are working in the right direction.

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