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Restructured Economy

Restructure the economy to have an earnings cap. Yes an earnings cap. As one meet success and money, they’re sense of self worth becomes proportionally inflated (not all, but an overwhelming majority). As such, they justify terrible things, and therefore do terrible things.

There are plenty of studies showing less competitive markets actually have people doing greater innovations for the greater good. Communism failed ( no I’m not a communist, just someone throwing some ideas out there) due to the fact it failed to take into account human psychology. But I believe only a system truly based on the greater good stands a chance to last. People should still be paid accordingly for the jobs they do, and have as many freedoms as possible under the governing system. People should be allowed to disagree, speak their minds, and choose what type of life they want to live.

The true issue is the people at the top with inflated senses of self worth overpaying themselves simply because they can. Excess money that would have gone to over inflated bonuses, salaries, etc. should not just go back into the business but literally be forced to go into social programs, charities, sustainable energy and food research/resources.

Our true enemy is ourselves. That being said we need to prepare against ourselves. I have seen what success will do even to good men, and what good men will do with success… its not good. Not just in the sense of what we do to our environment, each other etc. but our very nature. We have animal instincts, and capitalism appeals to our animal survival instincts in a tragically primal way. Simply put, we have outgrown our own evolution.


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    Aug 30 2011: It shouldn't be relative from the highest tier to the lowest. As for people being paid for what they do, I suppose a better way to put it would be "to a point". Factory workers should still makes less than managers, etc. But think of the implications a salary cap would have, the people who are most productive should still be paid most, but there's no sense in people taking home 100M a year for tanking a company just because they can.

    If someone is @ the salary cap are they going to take a position in another company that they know much less about if there's no pay hike? Or would people stick to fields they feel passionate about as the draw is no longer more money? There are plenty of people who do incredibly productive things for free because they actually care about the field.

    This would also level some power structure that's eventually going to lead to our downfall. If officials, ceo's, politicians can't be bought out, corruption takes a hit. If we know human beings aren't ideal, then set up a system where it forces them to be ideal. Systems don't fail people do, if that's the case make a system where people aren't allowed to fail, and if they do it's so transparent they are caught immediately.

    If this were coupled with a shift in popular culture mentality away from greed and the ego, to the truly greater good, perhaps in time would could get people to act on better morals.

    An ever growing economy is impossible, sooner or later we'll strain the finite resources we have, and things will get ugly. Knowing full well what is currently motivating humans, how can we change our value system so they are motivated for something more sustainable. We only want insane amounts of money because we know we can get it as some people out there already do. Think of the psychological shift taking that possibility away across the board (even the highest tiers of influence). In short, if human beings aren't ideal then teach them to be better by example.

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