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A Way to find the best leaders of tommorow

- Create a computer program much like America's Army in the sense it is designed to find skilled leaders who make appropriate decisions. Think the game Civilization, but built upon real life data.

Use supercomputers, or computer networks for high-resolution results. Include factors such as climate, economy, religion, census data to as accurately as possible predict people’s reactions to the player's influence and decisions. This would be effective in assuring that people placed into power actually know what they're doing and aren't just adept at the game of politics, or a figure puppet placed by the highest bidder.


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  • Sep 5 2011: I don't think choosing leaders can be decided by a computer. In fact, the only way we can choose leaders is if the leaders choose themselves. Climate, economy, religion, census data does not determine that a leader is "good". It is who the leader truly is. Or what they do.

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