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What is the most prominent duty of every human being?

I think, the most prominent purpose of every human being is to find out the ULTIMATE TRUTH. Ultimate Truth is the truth of creation of universe. This fact is like something we can not imagine even however we have to find it out. Many theories are revealed on this issue such as Big Bang Theory. But question remains unanswered are ---
what was there before the Big Bang incident?
Is the sky really unlimited?
If yes, How unbelievably unlimited huge the cosmos is?

These are prominent because if we dont know the reasoning of our existence, we will not deserve to be prideful of our life. After this purpose, the next would be to become a generous and a Great Human being. This is undoubtedly very very difficult, but we can not ignore it. Rather than accepting we are weak to find it out, we should put efforts in it.

The first purpose is more difficult to achieve, so we should work on the second purpose, accomplish it and turn to the first purpose.

And always remember that the first purpose is more important because if we failed in it, we will die ignorant.


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  • Aug 30 2011: To explore. I don't think actually achieving ultimate truth as you suggest is possible - you can just get close to it (arbitrarily?). Question of what was before the Big Bang is completely irrelevant, as there was no "before" or no "where" (space). Big bang is not something in chronological scale it is the beginning of chronological scale!

    Universe is FINITELY large, contains FINITE number of particles exists for FINITE ammount of time. Infinity is purely mathemathical concept, it does not apply to the universe in the way you are suggesting!

    Comoving (that simply meaning taking into account universe is expending) radius of observable universe believed to be 45.7 billion light years. So it's volume is around 4*pi*(45.7)^3 /3 . Also not all of the universe is connected considering speed of light to be the limit (because of it's accelerating expansion and hyperinflation on the beginning). It's age is around 13.75 ± 0.11 billion years. So notice how space is expanding "faster" than speed of light.

    @Cheyenne Lin

    You make a difference in the world simply by living in it. Point is to make highly benificial difference as you possibly can in my opinion. Also, you cannot preform a negative change (matehamthically speaking). Change is always positive :P It can just be benificial in different degrees (more, less).
    • Sep 3 2011: I am really thankful for your comments..

      I must study Big Bang theory thoroughly before commenting on incident of Big Bang...

      However, by your explanation of finite Universe, I could guess, the Sky is then ends somewhere.... and what is there beyond that limit....

      I dont understand you note that the space is expanding.... How it is ? and because of what?

      The point is this Truth of existence is very unimaginable, and incredibly difficult. We humans are quite weak to find it.... But we have to find it a day.. It make take 100s of years....
      • Sep 4 2011: Hello!

        Observations suggest universe is of finitely large dimensions, however from what we currently know universe is all there is (space, time, energy). So idea "what" is beyond that, is irrelevant as there is no "when"(time), "where"(space) or "what"(energy) outside of our universe. It may sound strange to you but it's just the way it is from what we currently know.

        Space was expanding ever since the big bang. But people observed/deduced (Edwin Hubble) that universe is ACCELERATING in expansion rate (further something moves relative to you more "red" it seems and closer something moves relative to you more "blue" it seems) [http://cronodon.com/images/spectrum.jpg ; http://www.antonine-education.co.uk/physics_gcse/Unit_1/Topic_5/em_spectrum.jpg]. He observed that further the galaxies were (he got the notion of their distance by comparing light intensity from known events or relations [like supernovaes] [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_distance_ladder]) more their spectrum is shifted in "red", they also had red shift to eachother (for 2D presentation, draw some dots on baloon and blow it). (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hubble's_law). Reason behind that is still unknown to this day, we call it "dark energy" - the name "dark" is referring to our ignorance not some evil force :D.

        There is also some form of matter which we call dark matter (not necessarily connected with dark energy [probably not at all as we invented the name for it]) - we don't know what the heck is it, but we suspect it's composed of massive weakly interacting particles [which are suspected to interact primarily trough gravity] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weakly_interacting_massive_particles) , but so far nobody has been able to directly confirm (prove) it's existence as they usually just pass trough ordinary matter - very rarely interacting.


        So we basically don't know much about majority of the universe right now :)

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