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What is the most prominent duty of every human being?

I think, the most prominent purpose of every human being is to find out the ULTIMATE TRUTH. Ultimate Truth is the truth of creation of universe. This fact is like something we can not imagine even however we have to find it out. Many theories are revealed on this issue such as Big Bang Theory. But question remains unanswered are ---
what was there before the Big Bang incident?
Is the sky really unlimited?
If yes, How unbelievably unlimited huge the cosmos is?

These are prominent because if we dont know the reasoning of our existence, we will not deserve to be prideful of our life. After this purpose, the next would be to become a generous and a Great Human being. This is undoubtedly very very difficult, but we can not ignore it. Rather than accepting we are weak to find it out, we should put efforts in it.

The first purpose is more difficult to achieve, so we should work on the second purpose, accomplish it and turn to the first purpose.

And always remember that the first purpose is more important because if we failed in it, we will die ignorant.


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  • Aug 30 2011: I believe that the most prominent duty of everyone is to help less fortunate people around the world, educate yourself and others and to stand for human rights (freedom, equality) of others? I think this duty comes from the fact that in the past many people scarified their lives in order for some of us to have freedom and better life today.

    As others mentioned our duty should also be to preserve life and nature on the Earth for future generations.

    I support scientific research and search for truth but I am not sure if that search needs to be duty of every human being?
    • Sep 3 2011: Thank you very much for your comments..

      Your opinion is truly inevitable. However my point is as the first duty of searching the ultimate Truth is quite difficult, we should become a good human being keeping the ultimate truth in mind.

      This is important because, we should not die ignorant of the truth...........

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