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Middle East Revolution

The Egyptian Revolution that sent Mubarak tumbling down from his power became the foundation and spark that started other countries in their region to fight for their freedom and rights. From Egypt to Libya, from Libya to Yemen, Yemen to Bahrain, the words Reform, End and Freedom became the major demands and concern of the people.

This only shows that the life and system that they are living in is unfair, unjust, corrupt and painful. I cannot imagine myself living in a world like that. I think that the King’s and Leaders around the world should listen to their people and remember that the Supreme Sovereignty still resides in the people.

The Libyan revolution is now coming to it's end after a long chaotic fight between Gadhafi forces and the Libyan rebels.The fight that the middle-east is facing now and in the future is also the fight of everyone around the world.

Since the uprising began in the middle-east,the economies around the world were severely damaged and affected many countries.The reason for this,is because Libya and other countries in the middle-east are mostly one of the 20 major oil producer's around the world and it's really not shocking for Gadhafi to tell NATO AND UN that they cannot attack Libya beacuse they are one of the top oil producer's.

Now that the revolution and uprising in the middle-east is ending,What are the things that UN must or should do?

If the UN will not act immediately to prevent Dictatorship,Monarchies and Communism from emerging again in any part of the world,abusive type of people might once again use their position and power for self benefits.They might also cause a massacre or genocide like Saddam,Hitler and Gadhafi did.

What is the best thing to do?

What should we do?

It's time to act now,in order for us to secure and preserve worldwide Democracy.


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  • Sep 6 2011: The UN doesn't really do much already. They aren't very involved in the middle east, and it wouldn't change much if they were. I think the arab countries should create a union among themselves, and that way they could keep each other in check.

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