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Are tougher laws the answer to reduce corruption? Or should we reduce our greed by becoming more spiritual?

Recently India witnessed the power of non-violence pressure strategy mastered by Mahatma Gandhi. Anna Hazare with his 13 days fast unto death was able to persuade the Government to discuss and pass a powerful bill which will hopefully reduce corruption in the country with a strong hand. In a corrupt society who will man this body or who will bell the cat!

A superior strategy could be to look inwards and see why we become greedy and how to reduce our greed for resources. By following the creed of simple living and high thinking we may be able to reduce corruption and live sustainably. A recent public lecture outlined this strategy. http://www.nariphaltan.org/indsearch2011.pdf


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    Aug 29 2011: Could we reduce our greed, just by living a little bit moer like animals, who have no spiritual beliefs that we know of, instead of implanting a faith based system in spirits? i respect and love the indians who realized if their are no citizens to govern there is no need for government. i am an american half-citizen, i own no home or motor vehicle. i do not believe in retirement plans. i am all for simple living, but there is no where in america where there is a majority of this kind of thinking. the engineers and economists have got a strangle hold on the global population with the help of advertising. american babyboomers are about to be the majority. they will have the say in govt while their children and grandchildren work in resteraunts and factories or hospitals. has the earth ever tried to support this many people who cannot live without help from other humans? no. how has one country been able to grow enough food to overfeed itself and still give tons of grain to nations in need? america will havea violent revolution before a huingerstrike sadly. it happened over equaltiy.what does this say about our nation? people say its hard to live naturally. BS. man does not have legs and feet to push pedals. self entitlement and instant gratification have made this a material world. when men understand that religions are the same as economics, in that it takes people and faith for them to work, they still fail because they are not natural. just as getting behind the whell of a vehicle is un-natural. cultivation and procreation, with good spirits and ganja, plus some good music will SAVE our planet. these things without motorvehicls are nothing but a good ttime. in fact we drive to do these things. if any american reads this quit driving and walk. it is our equjivalent to a hunger strike. since so many americans feel it necessarty to drive every day, just walk everywhere for one week and see what happens.

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