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How do you think mathematics are related to music?

This question is open to all persons who have ever been interested in mathematics and music. The idea is to create a space where people commenting on the relationship between these two areas and how they feel when they hear or play music, or read or work with math.

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    Mar 6 2011: As a side point to your conversation, music nurtures core ideals that we want to impart in our children. It helps with memory, for one, as musicians must memorize not only the melody of a piece but also the individual notes that constitute it. Music also teaches us how to get along with others. A band must play in balance or else it becomes cacophony. If the drummer bangs away too loudly, for instance, everything feels off kilter. A powerful and supporting group dynamic teaches the importance of choice, of listening, and of conversing. The group that works together achieves its goals. In this way, it also interlinks with mathematics, which to my mind (and I'm not a mathematician) always seemed in some abstract way to be about balance.

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