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How do firms benefit from using a corporate social responsibility approach, where they collaborate with NGOs on a value chain assessment?

For companies to apply corporate social responsibility to their work ethics becomes increasing important in an age of consumer activism and several social and environmental pressure.

I know firms like Unilever collaborate with Oxfam to asses their value chain for potential changes. Would this approach be useful for all industries. Considering globalisation trends and firm's internationalisation processes, how difficult is it for them to "do the right thing"/

How could companies and non-for-profit organisations be matched.

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    Aug 29 2011: Paradigm shifts are happening not just in education. Models and comparisons have no value. Real time is now a reality. If a system cannot function in 'real time' it is slow and defunct.

    The only system that functions that way is the human being.

    People not systems.
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    Aug 29 2011: If they want to stay in business they have to but a lot of them have only short term interests: they take a lot of money fast and start all over again, and again, leaving a trail of devastation.

    Here is an interesting talk on the subject: