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Anonymous: good or bad, in your opinion?

The "Idea"/society Anonymous has sprouted from internet subculture and is causing disturbance to groups which oppress freedom of speech (and possibly others)
Without leaders, anyone can declare membership and as a member, a target, while every other member decides if they will support it individually.
Is this truly an international "peoples army", or a menace to be dismantled?


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  • Aug 29 2011: Anonymous is a neo-technological rendition of "civil disobedience", utilizing current communications to broadband a message which the government would rather not have aired. Who wrote the book on Civil Disobediance? I recommend you look it up, read it and we can debate further.
    • Aug 29 2011: Assuming your referencing the essay by that title, I am aware of Mr. Thoreau's work, among others. What I'm not aware of is the overall opinion of our globalized community. North America was forged through the ideals of rebellion, so I'm very curious what our brothers from other cultures thoughts are on the matter. TED seems like a good place to gather input.

      I for the record am not a member of Anonymous, but believe them to be a very good thing, and if they are not I'd like to be educated on why.

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