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Time based online volunteering portal.

Having been really impressed by the idea of Kiva by Jessica Jackley, I was thinking of how this idea can be extended further. My idea is for the thousands of young people in the world looking to make a change in the world but are not sure what they can do. It is basically similar to Kiva's idea but instead of lending money, people will lend their time.

The online time-based volunteering will allow people to simply log into an online portal and start connecting with people from other parts of the world who need their help. This way there will be not only cultural exchange but also social impact; all through by people connecting online. Although internet access for everyone in the world is still a major challenge. This portal will benefit both the volunteers as well as people looking for help online. These volunteers can be corporate executives, teachers, professionals or students who want to create an impact.

I look forward to hearing about your opinions on whether it is an idea that can be implemented.


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  • Sep 15 2011: I would love to be able to be involved in something like this. I have very few places near me to volunteer and those that are available it would cost me $100 a month just to drive there and back. Making as little as I do it's simply not possible. I would love a place with a community set up to volunteer at that is internet based.

    Another use of this I could see is (for example) people with disabilities being able to get the help they need to find funding for expensive medical equipment, or even just advice on how to pursue legal matters.

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