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Time based online volunteering portal.

Having been really impressed by the idea of Kiva by Jessica Jackley, I was thinking of how this idea can be extended further. My idea is for the thousands of young people in the world looking to make a change in the world but are not sure what they can do. It is basically similar to Kiva's idea but instead of lending money, people will lend their time.

The online time-based volunteering will allow people to simply log into an online portal and start connecting with people from other parts of the world who need their help. This way there will be not only cultural exchange but also social impact; all through by people connecting online. Although internet access for everyone in the world is still a major challenge. This portal will benefit both the volunteers as well as people looking for help online. These volunteers can be corporate executives, teachers, professionals or students who want to create an impact.

I look forward to hearing about your opinions on whether it is an idea that can be implemented.


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    Aug 31 2011: What if we added to the portal and create a volunteer virtual monetary system which rewards people who volunteer with things they want/need rather than using money as the reward? Corporations could sponsor individuals who do great things to make the world a better place and encourage young people to volunteer?
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      Sep 8 2011: I think Sanket idea is great and the way you develop it is even better :) and maybe the fact that you encourage him and care about it in general is the best part:) If that kind of spirit prevails in TED I would truly be happy to share and not feel afraid;) 10x
      Also I think that Sanket had in mind something really global and we are paving the way to something like that as we saw recently how the very simple fact that the world is more connected even with only to social websites can help people brake free from dictators and brake free from manipulative and paid media influences.
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        Sep 25 2011: Hi Angel,
        I agree so much about the manipulative media influences. It really calls for a more direct connection between people. But, the entire process of building this idea still remains! :)
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      Sep 25 2011: Hi Sherry,
      Its a great idea to reward the people for the work that they are doing, and also get the corporations to sponsor such benevolent volunteers. However, the problem that I see with it is that lot of people might start doing it for money and the quality of volunteering will fall. So as Richard has mentioned above, there has to be a a rating or a review system.
      Overall, I really love your idea!

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