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Are civilians contributing to reasons wars are waged, profiting from war, allowing war to flourish and able to stop wars from being waged?

Many people are unaware that they are playing a part in the reasons for wars, the continuation of wars. Many civilians are not aware they have the ability to play a part in the ending of wars and the facilitation of world peace.

Can our demands for energy, profit, riches, power, natural resources and land be contributing toward war fighting and death?

Can civilians actually play an indirect role in war that they may not be aware of?

Can we actually alter our behaviors and ambitions that would have an impact in support peace and non violence on Earth?

Can we fairly share the resources of the planet with each other as well as with future generations without war?

Can we compromise, help each other and find our path to peace and non violence in this 21 century, the age of technological breakthroughs?

Can we develop technology in support of peace?

We will all benefit when we help others and the sooner we realize that the better for all of us.

Is Peace One Day achievable for just one day per year?

Is Peace Every Day achievable for 365 days per year?

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    Aug 31 2011: I hope peace will come with the new attitude of all peoples around the world that is stemming from an awareness that we have to stop fighting, stop destroying each other and the environment or we may wind up ending all causing the collapse of many ecosystems on Earth. We have to go green and that means going peaceful as well. We have to look at the environmental footprint of past wars and ask ourselves what did we accomplish with all of this fighting? Nothing. We should go to trial not to war when problems occur.This will save trillions of dollars, and millions of innocent lives. Please call for sanity on Earth. War is a crime and not a sane solution or action.
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    Aug 30 2011: i see a lot of civilians getting into debt that they shouldnt, popping out babies they can not afford, and enlisting to escape debt.

    so yes.
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    Aug 30 2011: You ask a lot of questions at once so there are lots of answers to it. A lot of people profit from war.

    You may think of all the money that's going round in the weapon industry. Most wars are fought for profit in the first place. To protect access to, or to possess oil, gold, diamonds and many more. Also there are many soldiers that live by war. In Africa for instance are men that had never any other occupation and they would hunger if there wasn't a war to fight. Most important however is the way we rear our children. If children get a good education and sufficient love and care they become healthy persons which are bad soldiers.

    The second world war had never happened and Hitler would never got to power if at that time the country wasn't in that bad shape as a result of the first world war and as not that many young people were desperate and bad educated and poor. Most of them had attended school though but were drilled to become a subservient workforce. Politicians and wealthy people tried to keep all good things for themselves. Can you imagine that anyone that showed a way out of all misery got all ears. That's the shadow side of democracy. Democracy can only be what it should be as people are well informed and have enough understanding.

    Another big reason for wars and conflicts is the way that borders are crossing peoples and cultures. It is a legacy of colonialism when the colonizing states divided Africa in pieces. They took all their share to exploit the riches. Many tribes live on opposite sides of a border and were forced to give up their cultures. King Leopold of Belgium had Congo as his exploit and every native had to work for his rubber. Everyone that didn't work long or hard enough was punished by cutting of a hand or leg. In his eyes they were animals and they didn't treat animals as well as nowadays.

    If you think about peace and you know all this than you know that it can only come from a new attitude of all peoples of the world
  • Aug 29 2011: Good topic! I am in the opinion of no. War, war and more war has been our legacy since the beginning of time. Humans will never get along. Humans will never find world peace. I am not negative, or a realist? War is the single legacy we will leave our future generations. Think about it. With respect to you!
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    Aug 28 2011: The civilians play their role and that is to don't know too much and to don't bother with questions ........... a pretty good role, what remains is only to play their role better !
  • Aug 28 2011: Civilians start wars. Last time I checked government - a civilian body usually starts a war, it's not always an issue tho there are military dictatorships. Basically, some idiot who is unable to reason proposes that people should go and kill eachother, usually his followers are optimistic and expect they won't get killed, so they happily join in, after a while they figure out it's not what they expected and they would rather get out, both sides want that, buy they can't, they are stranded there on killing fields defending a incompetent idiot, way of life or civilisation their superiors say. If civilians were any smarter they would not fight wars.


    Yes, by supporting people in power. Knowing or not knowing they will start a war is irrelevant here.

    Yes. We can educate people, create a world government, focus on more world problems than power struggles/wars/politics/rivalry.

    Yes. There are potentially enough resources and energy for everyone (forget on oil), but collaboration on global level is needed.




    Depends how you define peace accurately and at what timescale are you considering it. If you consider absence of any killing for next few years the answer is NO.

    Using above definition no way, not for centuries or milennia or more!