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What can be done to get the most out of one's schooling? What would you change about your education experience?

From other people's opinions and my experiences in the American Midwest, it seems most schools focus on their students' test performance and few classes prioritize true, authentic learning. I was disappointed when the classes I took during my first year of college -- or perhaps the aspirations of all but a fraction of my classmates -- were a continuation of this mindset.

I think I'm missing something and would love to hear your thoughts. What can students do to get the most out of their education? What do you wish you had done differently, if anything? Is this something I have to discover on my own? Thanks in advance for your insight.


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  • Sep 5 2011: If I could change schooling then I would stop forcing students to study what the government thinks that they should study and instead give them knowledge that they can actually use to make some type of impact on the world. I would also stop dumbing school down because children are capable of things that many adults couldn't even do.

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