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Is moving out on moon for Space exploration a wastage of money and time instead of which we can develop the country itself.

Instead of wasting money on the space explorations cant we spend all that amount into the development of a particular country and the human resources of that country. Cant we upgrade the quality of the education, civil developments and all other important aspects which we need from a ideal country.Cant we reduce the poverty level of that country. Lets Discuss !!!


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    Sep 27 2011: i don't think its a waste of time and money. Agreed there are problems in our country like corruption, poverty, unequal distribution of basic amenities but we cannot focus on one thing at one time. Our students, engineers, require lot of opportunities and diverse platforms to use their skills. Taking the case of India, we have different courses ranging from nano technology to space sciences and a student can be interested in any of them. It will not be appropriate to deny these opportunities to our students just because we have many burning problems to be solved. Other wise we will again go back to the time when students of IIT Delhi after taking a course in nuclear technology used to go to CERN and other nuclear research institutions abroad. That's brain drain.

    Now are going to stop our bright minds from going for such courses? Are we going to stop such courses in educational institutions? That will be ridiculous. We can't expect a 'rocket engineer' to start working on a effective public food distribution system. Also these recent advances in space science is the result of human endeavour to know more about universe and is commendable.

    What can be done is make people contribute towards the problems of poverty, naxalism, terrorism etc in their own way. Make it a compulsion to give back something to the society in their own way, may be finance, may be infrastructure, service, anything. Just as Infosys leads in IT sector which was unimaginable 20 yrs back. Its one of the founder is working on UID project. That is what i mean by giving back to the society.!!!

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