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Any device for 3D modelling?

Hi there,

I am a hobbyist programmer. My dream of developing my own "Game Engine" always face a road block when it comes to character modelling.

I have no past past background of such thing, though i tried learning those 3D modelling tools (max, maya and alike) but always found myself struggling.

Since i'm awesome at pen and paper i was wondering if there are any hardware devices which could help me in designing models with the ease of pen and paper. And/Or any link for pranab mistary's "3D pen project" related APIs so that i could manage to help me out with this.

Thanks in advance

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    Sep 12 2011: How about 3d printers?
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      Sep 26 2011: yeah 3D printer are about to be used in NASA right? is it still under study and debate or under use?