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Communism destroys development of the society

Communism general idea is equality to all the people farmer or a scientist, no one is special every one is equal. thus when i see that i am a farmer i work hard the scientist also works hard. but they to earn the same. i am a kid i see this and decide freak i m gonna be a farmer why the fuck do i need to study.I am basically from a poor family the reason i study is a wanted a job through which i can fulfill my dreams of luxury. and people like me would sooner or latter end up contributing to the society.

i don't know much about communism my father is a supporter he would donate money to CRY rather than buy me a toy.i have come to despise communism ( din mean to hurt people ). i loathed my life, pathetic life and worked my ass off to get into the best institute in India. Would the same happen if i where under communist government.


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    Sep 4 2011: A good mix of most of the 'isms is what works, hopefully not the extreme ones though. Otherwise it's like eating only one food, we were built to eat several different things, our society works with a mix of sharing and greed, forcing either is as destructive as eating only apples.

    In all cases there are winners and losers if we learn balance and to never hurt others we will improve. It can be argued enforced communism Hurts, but does so openly, likewise capitalism hurts but does so in a manner that's more invisible and allows several degrees of separation. That's a shame.

    As we evolve we hurt each other less and the faster we stop banging from left to right with such extremes the faster we will learn to live together and appreciate all our amazing differences, but do so without starving people we cannot see.

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