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Communism destroys development of the society

Communism general idea is equality to all the people farmer or a scientist, no one is special every one is equal. thus when i see that i am a farmer i work hard the scientist also works hard. but they to earn the same. i am a kid i see this and decide freak i m gonna be a farmer why the fuck do i need to study.I am basically from a poor family the reason i study is a wanted a job through which i can fulfill my dreams of luxury. and people like me would sooner or latter end up contributing to the society.

i don't know much about communism my father is a supporter he would donate money to CRY rather than buy me a toy.i have come to despise communism ( din mean to hurt people ). i loathed my life, pathetic life and worked my ass off to get into the best institute in India. Would the same happen if i where under communist government.


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    Aug 28 2011: True its silly to speculate what bill gates would have done, windows could have ended up being a open soft like Ubuntu/Linux but the fact is (some people nope) lots of people need a external force such as profit to fuel them. there for you find rich growing richer and vice verse.and 2nd nor do i support capitalism, i am a victim why would i support it. The fact is all democracy,capitalism and communism has its own cons and pro. the question here would the world develop at this pace in which it is developing today if it were fully(every part of it)(hypothetically) would be communist

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