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Communism destroys development of the society

Communism general idea is equality to all the people farmer or a scientist, no one is special every one is equal. thus when i see that i am a farmer i work hard the scientist also works hard. but they to earn the same. i am a kid i see this and decide freak i m gonna be a farmer why the fuck do i need to study.I am basically from a poor family the reason i study is a wanted a job through which i can fulfill my dreams of luxury. and people like me would sooner or latter end up contributing to the society.

i don't know much about communism my father is a supporter he would donate money to CRY rather than buy me a toy.i have come to despise communism ( din mean to hurt people ). i loathed my life, pathetic life and worked my ass off to get into the best institute in India. Would the same happen if i where under communist government.


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  • Aug 27 2011: I think that we should remind some benefits of communism such as solidarity. In fact, capitalism needs some reforms, we are all fed up with this integrism of markets which make us think that thanks to capitalism there is developemnt but in reality it's just an illusion. Capitalism makes inequalities grow faster and faster, and individualism spread also. Thus i invite u to see what's happening in Africa or Asia ( India for example), it's just a minority who are the winner and others are victims of capitalism. I don't want the soviet or marxist system get back, we saw their appalling results but i think that capitalism needs some ethics.
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      Aug 27 2011: As a person a others victim of capitalism, i will strive hard to actually come up.Maybe i fail,My son fails,My grandson fails, His son suppose invents somthing great like a Operating system or some advancement in a feild sell the patent , is now the ceo of some company. he is a winner. you see it as a outsider a spectator. you have the benifit of what he made ( with some cost ) still. its development. the question is would he do the same in a communist environment.

      people would end up thinking why have to do any think when i have a life of peace, no competition). In a communist system If existed Bill Gates would have thought what is the use of writing a os (it would be free and profitless) of more than 10000 lines of program in asembly languague rather just do the same job he used to do earlier and live the same life. We would'nt have windows, microsoft. so this my point

      the world basically works on windows ( leaving the ones who like linux (like me) (GUI are for wimps) ) , So would this have happened
      • Aug 28 2011: I really agree with u, I am not telling u that capitalism should disappear but it needs somme reforms, the power of capitalism is competitiveness, it tells people you are free and you can innovate and have the benefits of this effort and work but unfortunately it forgets to tell them that a real success should not create and cause the failure or even more the death and mistreatment of some people. To conclude, just be aware of what's happening around us , nowadays capitalism is fashionable as communism was yesterday. So let's not reject the whole capitalist or communist system, but try to take the best.
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          Aug 28 2011: true neither democracry nor communism nor capitalism is perfect it all needs reform

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