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Communism destroys development of the society

Communism general idea is equality to all the people farmer or a scientist, no one is special every one is equal. thus when i see that i am a farmer i work hard the scientist also works hard. but they to earn the same. i am a kid i see this and decide freak i m gonna be a farmer why the fuck do i need to study.I am basically from a poor family the reason i study is a wanted a job through which i can fulfill my dreams of luxury. and people like me would sooner or latter end up contributing to the society.

i don't know much about communism my father is a supporter he would donate money to CRY rather than buy me a toy.i have come to despise communism ( din mean to hurt people ). i loathed my life, pathetic life and worked my ass off to get into the best institute in India. Would the same happen if i where under communist government.


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  • Aug 27 2011: There would be constructive development under a communist government but again the information shared would be very limited and restricted. No offence Ajay but your view against the topic is irrelevant. It is more personal than governmental
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      Aug 27 2011: Actually explain how ? It would be other way round very less constructive development (people would end up thinking why have to do any think when i have a life of peace, no competition). In a communist system If existed Bill Gates would have thought what is the use of writing a os (it would be free and profitless) of more than 10000 lines of program in asembly languague rather just do the same job he used to do earlier and live the same life. We would'nt have windows, microsoft. so this my point. and information shared would be maximum.though Its personal its a relavant topic
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        Aug 28 2011: I think it is silly to speculate on what Bill Gates or anyone else motives are for creating something. Some people, maybe/ maybe not Bill Gates, need an external force such as profit to fuel them. Others are internally driving and create something because they need to get it out of their head. I'm sure socialism has stifled development by removing the profit motive but capitalism has surely hindered many advances by keeping the majority of the people engaged in toil to pay there debts.
      • Aug 28 2011: I suggest you to read Albert Einstein's article, "Why Socialism?"

        http://monthlyreview.org/2009/05/01/why-socialism It will answer some of your questions...

        If you look at the history of Soviet Union, you will see that they had many scientists and technologists with astonishing inventions which got them many Nobel Prizes.. None of them did what they did for a better life and luxury though... They did it because they loved it and they did It for the "people" Science must not be done for money nor the title, it is just wrong. However, today, everybody is doing masters and doctorate level education in order to get a couple more letters in front of their name which will make them a better candidate for better paying job. This is what Einstein argues about in that article...

        Also, competition is the most important building block of capitalism. Companies are always trying to come up with new and better ideas in order to make their products sell. It may seem good for the development of technology but the companies are also trying to obstruct each other's business. The strongest one dominates the market but it doesn't mean that their technology is the best.

        If America was ruled with true socialism rather than today's corrupted capitalism; Bill Gates wouldn't come up with windows and he wouldn't be allowed to dominate everywhere with his "average" operating system. In fact, instead of competing and trying to destroy each other; Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and the others would be able to gather, share their ideas and build the ultimate operating system and we would be using it for free...

        I recommend you to read some Karl Marx...You can learn a lot about how the real socialism works and the way it is supposed to be built. What we saw so far were just cheap attempts of socialism which didn't work well, due to being ruled by greedy socialist dictators and capitalist powers trying to collapse their system. So, these can't be shown as a proof that Socialism isn't good.

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