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What are the best ways to stop wasting water?

I stumbled upon a GOOD graph on this topic entitled "Every drop counts" (http://awesome.good.is/transparency/web/1108/water-usage/flat.html). According to the graph a family of four needs about 3 gallons of water per day, whereas US families can use up to 400 gallons.

It is a fact that water is becoming an increasingly precious resource and that we cannot afford to waste it. The graph already provides some good tips on how to reduce the wastage, but I was wondering what other things can help save water, and by this I mean not only direct methods such as repairing your dripping faucet, but also indirect ones such as eating less meat as 1 kilogram of meat needs a lot more gallons of water to actually produce.

I am looking forward to your answers!

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  • Aug 30 2011: From your thinking,i also note the same fact.1 thing is to be spread that water is a resourse that can not be recyled after use.If we try to contain our day2day wasted water then only this thing can be cured.

    Water is going to be precious in the near future.In India,most developed agricultural states like Punjab,Haryana,West bengal,this scarcity of water is in alarming state.Not only scarcity of not getting drinking water,another major problem is to get afected by diseases like gangrene due to presense of Arsenic.

    Another thing is the drinking water we take is above its permitted pH value.In most cases villagers get nothing but this,that are acidic in nature.

    So 1 thing is sure.We have to stop it.From my short memory I have seen the best way to stop ths wastage is to provide tht and that only water to the people by the corporation.In rural areas,where awareness is the only cure.they have the vast amount of unused drinking water.This water should be preserved.Then that preserved water must be kept in control.

    Another natural source is Rain.In a recent research,it reveals if we make this whole amount of rainwater count in suitable manner,then this headache may be relieved in many countries.

    Now, we can only hope people understand the need of it and take their responsibility to stop this wastage immediately.

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