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How to keep the creativity and imagination of a 6.5 years old who started public school? ( by law we are obliged)

My 6.5 years old son just started public school. The topics which are raised by sir robinnson bother me for along time now. Especially sine my son is very talented, creative with inspiring imagination. So far I haven't found a school which can let him evolve in his natural directions. And as a multi talents kid, even for us, his parents, it is difficult to realize in what area he has the highest potential. Sir robbinson gives as an example the lady who became a dancer. That is an "easy" case, since it was clearly THE talent of her.
My question is how we can realize THE talent of our son? And secondly, where we can find the right/concrete tools to guide us with his education, while he is going to public school?
I look forward to get your advices.


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    Sep 26 2011: It should be groomed or developed with Arts learning music or various languages will keep that child's creativity well intact.

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